Vote for Cyrus the Virus

Let’s Vote for Cyrus the Virus. plz type CYR and send it to 56882

All the Best to Cyrus Wong in Chak Dhoom Dhoom.


  1. eva rajauriya says:

    Chak Dhoom Dhoom is my best show.CYRUS,PUSE are my best so best of luck for you.

  2. ajay kumar says:

    he is a good dancer i dont want to lose him.

  3. saira says:

    CYRUS and SWASTI is the best so best of luck for both of you……….:)

  4. Nabeela says:

    SWASTI is the best so best of luck……….:)

  5. Rob says:

    How can the competition be fair when the judges pass racial remarks ?

  6. ycl1688 says:


    This is the country we are living in. Imagine daily we are constantly reminded of what we were born as. Our names were giving by our parents. Nothing can be done about it. Every fabric of the society is the same.

  7. Ganesh says:


    Being an Indian, I deplore racism, especially those who have high education and moral standard in society, like the judges in the show. They had set some very bad examples because TV shows usually have large audience/followers that impact/influence millions of Indian viewers’ lives. If such demeaning racial remarks are deemed as norms and accepted as standard, then I am afraid that our country will no longer be secular that embrace diversity.

    Cyrus is an Indian boy no different from Ram, Shyam, Rita or Sita in the masses, so why pick upon him to humiliate for some cheap laughter. If it is done so for viewers’ entertainment to hike up the viewers’ ratings, it is utmost totally inhumane. Racist remarks cannot be taken as jokes. It should not be tolerable in the modern Indian society in any form.

    It is a shameful act for the judges to pinpoint on an individual because of race and I wonder if a complaint had been lodged with the TV station and the Indian Broadcasting Licensing Authorities.

    It is not important whether Cyrus will win or not in the competition. It is a question of treating all contestants fair and equal with human dignity.

  8. ycl1688 says:


    Thanks for your comment on racism with the judges. I am glad with narrow racism this community still survive. That is the beauty of India. Yet with each new generation racism should not survive. I can count you as one of the best ally of anti-racism in modern Indian society.

  9. stev100 says:


    Completely agree with your comments, I was surprised with what I heard on this video clip ‘Cyrus Wong in Chak Dhoom Dhoom’.

    In the new age of social acceptance and intergration, India still lags far behind, there has been much progress in some areas but much remains to be done. Imagine how people of minority status feel when they watch this video….social acceptance or humiliation? If a nation is to rise to greatness, she must begin a mass education of social equality beginning with the broadcast (radio & TV) industry. What I saw smacks of racism in the entertainment industry. It’s time to stamp out this evil. Let’s NOT indulge ourselves with cheap laughter at the expense of the minority. With this mindset the nation will remain consistently backward.

  10. priya says:

    no wonder India is still so backward….it is because of racism still deep rooted in our society which we indulge in making fun of our minority groups.

    hats ON to our highly educated folks for practising racism in public.