Videos of Dhapa and Pei May

India Calcutta Dhapa and Pei May Videos by Hakka TV

submitted by Dan


  1. ? says:

    can anyone give me the exact Address and Contact No. of this Chinese school…”Pei May School”….Thanks!

  2. Andrew says:

    I am a reqular visitor of this site ever since I found out about it after Leon left a message on my blog gamescheat.ca. This video was very interesting, I have heard much about Pei Moi from family members and do remember seeing it once when I was a kid. I wonder how many students are enroled in this school, is any other language taught other than chinese? Are the other kids attending other schools?

    I told my hakka friends about this site when I met them for dim sum last weekend.

  3. vivek says:

    guys I think the person on the second video is the owner of big boss. I have been to his restaurant once with few friend.

  4. ycl1688 says:


    You surely have a photographic mind. the caption says he is the owner of a restaurant, maybe some one can verify that.

    Also the starting part of the second video, Mr Wu (someone may have to verify this). I know him he is son in law of a famous meatball seller by last name Lee. Many moons ago I remember in Tangra waiting the meatballs to be prepared by workers undergoing vigorously pounding of meat by hands, and when the dish meets your mouth that flavor is indescribable. I wonder the business is carry still on by someone in the family. So next time you are in that area, look for the famous meatballs ask for it by name. I believe Friday evenings you will find the freshest ones. In winter they sell beef jerky another famous stuff.
    Disclosure meatball are made of beef.

  5. vivek says:

    Thanks ycl for the info. As you know chinese food make my mouth water. Your description of the meat balls sound delicious, unfortunately beef is strictly prohibited in our religion. I dont mind trying pork or chicken meat ball. It seem that this item is not mention on the menu on all the restaurant that I have come across.

  6. eric says:


    When as a child living in Calcutta, a Hakka guy used to come around Chinatown carrying a bamboo stick in his shoulder balancing two loads of “aluminium deckchi”, one with a lighted burner – to sell fish and meat balls soup almost every afternoon.

    I still remember that he used to add small pieces of chopped spring onions and sprinkle pepper to enhance the taste of the soup. Along with these, he would also offer a small container of homemade Chinese chillie/ginger sauce and they tasted almost like heaven.

    The fish balls were made of fish meat and the meat balls were made of pork. At that point in time, there were no meat balls sold made of beef then.

    Maybe, with time change, there are also meat balls of beef sold now. While meat balls of prok are light in colour, meat balls of beef are always in dark colour. So, you can easily differentiate one from the other.

    When you next visit the Chinese restaurant in Tangra, make sure that you ask for either fish or meat balls of pork and I am sure both should be available as generally they are not a speaciality item.

    Good luck in your Chinese food hunt.

  7. vivek says:

    Hi eric , there seem to be a lot to learn in chinese food, we usually eat the food as it come than figure out later. we cant make any difference between the two mutton and pork before eating them.
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Ther are so much chinese has taught the world and there are so much more to be learned.

  8. ycl1688 says:

    hi eric,

    your analyst of dark meat and white meat sounds interesting, hence the white meat category of chicken breast and pork. The rest are dark meat.