Video of Kolkata ChinaTown

Here is a news video i found in YouTube showing Tangra, ChinaTown in India

Chinatowns the world over, are commercial hubs. Common in Southeast Asia and North America, ‘Chintatown’ conjures visions of a variety of mouth watering Chinese food. neighbour China in 1960 over a border dispute, also has a Chinatown in Kolkata(Calcutta) Located in the east of the city, in Tangra and Topsia, Kolkata’s Chinatown boasted a number of Chinese restaurants and tanneries. The tanneries had to be shifted out of the city to the outskirts to check pollution yielding place to more Chinese restaurants offering a mind boggling variety of Chinese cuisine. The eateries are choc a bloc on most weekends and holidays.


  1. Bura says:

    With the recent closure of many Indian Chinese residence (which were already closed tanneries)in Tangra, many believe that the next step of action will be targeted on the closure of the Chinese restaurants by the Indian Authorities from sanitary, hygiene and fire services departments – claiming that all Chinese restaurants are not upto the standard requirements of their respective fields. These are only excuses on corrupted officials for briberies.

    On the other side in Bantala, the same corruption stories are repeated. For those tanneries owners who chose to shift, there are constant harrassments from the respective Authorities claiming non-alignment and non-compliance of various systems from sewage, pollution control, waste-water treatment etc….the list is endless. The operations have to cease.

    A pledge to those in authority is to humanely create a peaceful co-existence with the Indian Chinese and let them lead a normal economic life in the city of their birth of a few generations.