Video by Taiwan Hakka TV Channel


  1. Walter says:

    The link below gives you the full version of Celebrating Chinese New Year in Kolkata. Enjoy

    Courtesy of Taiwan Hakka TV


  2. kenneth says:

    Thanks. walter
    I really enjoye d. the video is Kool. never knew such wonderful video
    exist. The Lady lion group looks so cute. feel wonderful that i belong to this chinese community. I some how missed this new year. Now im settle in toronto trying to collect the past. That is all i have (memories).
    Life really move fast here. people dont have time for each other here, My relative lives few blocks away, but we hardly meet maybe once in 6 months.
    miss those old days!

  3. ycl1688 says:


    Western countries are known for ‘nations of strangers’. Where neighbors do not
    know each other.

  4. Walter says:

    For those Indian Chinese born, raised and had spent a part of their working life in Calcutta, they would miss the good old laid back and slow paced life there when they move to foreign shores. Today, in Calcutta, things may have changed, too.

    No matter where one now resides, in North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Far East/South East Asia – making a livelihood is always more demanding and challenging. For those settled outside Asia, many may need to spend a few hours everyday on commuting to/from work. I have experienced driving to work at 6:00am in packed freeways in US (California, Oregon), UK (London) and Canada (Vancouver, BC) and in many instances on icy roads in winter.

    My brother, a CE of a MNC, always have his work calendars marked full including lunch and dinner time. For my mom to see him periodically, she needed his secretary to arrange an allotted time of mutual availability. So, she only gets to see him once in a while.

    The video does bring back fond memories of the past.

  5. Walter says:

    Here’s the link to the full documentary on: Hakka Chinese living in Kolkata.

    A must watch for all, especially those who have left the place and never returned. It brings back good old memories.



  6. leon says:

    thanks for the great share walter =)

  7. Ah Wan says:

    Nice video. thanks for sharing 🙂