Tung On Church

Toong Oon Church has been declared a Grade I heritage building by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation vide their letter no. Con/Com/39/2008-2009 dated June 2, 2008. KMC has assured the Trustees vide the same letter that “KMC will also take some attempts to cleanse the neighbourhood and our SWM Deptt will take particular care to refurbish the entire zone so that the heritage building may re-appear in its own glory.” (SIC)

But we are shocked to find that a garbage vat is being built adjoining right side of Toong Oon Church and a public pay toilet is being built on the adjoining left side of it.

There is already an existing vat on Lu Shun Sarani about 50 feet away on the north eastern side of Toon Oon Chuch. Earlier the mouth of this vat was on the eastern side with the walls protecting the garbage from spilling over towards the Church. In the course of time, the mouth of the vat was made facing towards the west where the Church stands. The vat is empty as the garbage is not being dumped properly into the vat. Now a garbage vat is being made just beside the right side of the Church and the public toilet is being on the left side of the Church.

We would appreciate if you kindly support our cause to protest against the building of the garbage vat and the public toilet.

Thanking you in anticipation of your kind support.
Join us in Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/TungOnChurch to lend support to our voice in preventing the vat to be built and also help us in our effort to restore the building.