Transport caught fire

Wonder how this transport caught fire in Tangra.



burning carriage car near china haus restaurant.


  1. lee Sen says:

    Strange thing happen in Tangra always, even strange it appear no one trying to douse the fire.

  2. Ycl1688 says:

    Is it a Hindi movie shooting ? the reality is people will help in fighting the fire ?

  3. lee Sen says:

    It does look like a Hindi movie,
    My house was not far from this blaze, my grandfather sold it to the Indian some years back and we immigrated to America (The promise Land). The Indian still owe us money and I donít think he will pay. The point is the people in Tangra generally donít care if they are not close. People will come and look at the spectacle, and at the end they will say itís the China Hause problem, why should I waste my quality time to solve his problem. I hope its not arson.
    Some how i still mis the place I grew up.

  4. Brendon says:

    This is definitely not Bollywood or Tollywood Masala. Hence, it should be taken with seriousness as to what really happened for the car to be engulfed in flames. Just curious if the car owner a Chinese ?

  5. leon says:

    no this car is carrying some highly inflammable chemicals. It’s impossible to save it.