Toronto Hakka Conference


  1. Liang says:

    Im touched with the above video. Seen it for the 1st time.
    Never knew there was so much.
    Thanks for the wonderful post.

  2. Richard says:

    I really luved the person singing Dil Deke Dhekho.
    Thanks made me feel proud to be hakka .)
    Preety cool. Great spirit from the old man.
    Keep up folks.

  3. Manju Bapu says:

    Keith Lowe is a well respected man, he did his his best at the conference and there will be one call Kolkata Hakka conference soon.

  4. manoj says:

    The representatives of Hakka Chinese Indians as seen appearing in the videos of Toronto Hakka Chinese conference were that of Paul Chung and those that were present in the short film about Chinese survival in India called “the Legend of Fat Mama”.

    The guy who sang a Hindi song in the video did also sing in the short film. Also, David who worked in the Chinese Indian supermarket reappeared again with the female lawyer who asked the conference organizer if she should send her children to learn Mandarin or Hakka to catch up on ancestral roots.

    Quite an interesting conference where Chinese Indians presence is strongly felt.

  5. ycl1688 says:


    Let this be an eye opener to those in charge of the central govt in Delhi, never again to treat the Chinese as enemies, some are talented people they once had, considered the introducer says 3-in-1 person, it is india that put these people in exile, drove them out in grove. What a sad commentary.

  6. lily says:

    well said ycli688.

    to state the obvious, the 3-in-1 person is justifiably defined as Indian, Chinese and Canadian.

    yes, it is indeed a sad commentary, but a well distinguished one to serve as a WAKE UP CALL for those Indians in-charge at Central Government in New Delhi of NOT TO REPEAT the persecution of Chinese again in India as they did in 1962 – whether they were born or long settled down in India.

    the smiling face and the warm speech of the Indian Consulate General in the conference is a testamony of support for these 3-in-1 people who once considered themselves 2-1 person, i.e. Indian and Chinese.

  7. ycl1688 says:


    Forgot to mention there are even 4-in-1 person exist in Canada, one migrates to Europe from India and after few years moved to Canada. Isn’t that interesting ?

  8. lexus says:

    These videos are a couple of years old. The 3 in 1 person is Joseph Hsiung, the indian song singer is Chiu Ko-Sen and the Hakka mountain song singer is Chen Zhao-Fah, the latter 2 are from Kolkata city while Joe was from Dhapa. They are part of the Ying Hua Hakka Association members dedicated their time to get all Hakkas together from Kolkata who settled down in Toronto. There will be an annual free picnic BBQ for all Hakkas who are now residing in Toronto on June 6, 2010. Wecome all.

  9. Elam Singhampillai says:

    Interesting..4 in 1 ? that must be joe Li (via sweden) brother Simon serve good chilli chiken and hakka foods for us. any future political adventure pls let us know, we will be there to give a hand.

  10. Leong Yap says:

    Great Hakka Conference.

    I am a Hakka living in New Zealand. Can someone tell me where and when is the next Hakka Conference?