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tina ki chaabi
Tina Ki Chaabi is the first to be shot in Tangra.

Director Amit Saxena did not even know that a place like Tangra existed when he was location hunting for Tina Ki Chaabi. He saw the little township in a BBC documentary, Fat Mamma, and was mesmerised by the quaint place which lies on the east of Kolkata. The locality is famous for its tanneries and the local population is dominated by the East Asians who have settled here. It is due to this very reason that the place is called the Chinatown of Kolkata. “The place is a strange mix of Hindu and Chinese culture. There is a Kali temple and a Kali Chinese temple,’ says Saxena. The entire star cast, including Ranvir, was mesmerised by Tangra.

Since the film travelled to different places, like Mumbai and Bangkok, the director instantly decided to shoot one portion in Tangra too.

“Getting permission to shoot in Tangra is not difficult but shooting can get tiresome because it is an extremely busy area. There is heavy traffic all the time and even though we had got the required permissions we had to wait a long time to clear away the people. Otherwise, the people are very curious and excited about a Hindi film being shot there,” informs Saxena, “In fact we used many of them in our crowd scenes. There is one scene where we showed the Chinese New Year and recreated a procession of about 200 people. You know they speak better Hindi than most of us!” The film, which revolves around a group of people who find themselves in strange situations, stars Ranvir Sheory and newcomer Geetanjali Thapar, is slated for a June release.

source: ScreenIndia

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