The Round Moon by Thomas Chen – Moon Festival Song

This is one of original compositions for Moon Festival 2014- “THE ROUND MOON”

This song is from the point of view of a child, who misses his / her grandparents, as they live far away. Whenever the child sees a “ROUND SHAPED MOON” he/she remembers the time he/she had spent with his/her grandparents, especially during Mid-Autumn Festival; where they celebrate and eat together at night, admiring the full moon.

Music Composition: Thomas Chen
Lyrics : Thomas Chen & Hu Li Na
Cover Designed : Kevin King
Musicians :
Keyboard – Thomas Chen
Guitar – Stephen Chen
Produced by : The Indian Chinese Association for Culture, Welfare & Development

Singers :
Irene Meghani
Venesa Chung
Rohan Chettri
Alan Chung
Sharon Meghani
Dorris Chu
Dennis Chu
Venesa Lan
Kris Lan
Oi Fong