Tell us your memorable school activities spent in Kolkata

tell us your most memorable school activities spent in Kolkata


  1. stephen says:

    Hi, Im Stephen, Thanks for writing this topic. It is one of the most memorable part of my life,I still remember vividly the primary school i have been to, there are so many memorable incidence and event that i cant say which one is most memorable. I remember how much we used to look forward to the Children Day event, even the embarasing one when i look back we still enjoy. Once we used to make paper gun and play Chor/Police, the principal caught us and made us stand half day in the assembly hall with the paper gun in a shooting position, it was really a nightmare then now all of us laugh when we talk about it. Cant forget the homework those days the teacher seems to like giving homework it was more a punishment. Still it was part of our growing up. I had wonderful teachers and i miss them too.