Tell us your favourite restaurant in Kolkata and the dishes you like

With Kolkata restaurants flourishing all over the city, which restaurants do you frequent and the dishes you like ?


  1. vivek says:

    FOOD….. like to explore Eating different cousine and chinese has been my favourites. It has become a tradition among us fren that we go out and dine on saturdays and sundays, Frankly Kolkata food scene is not so exciting as i have been to other places outside India. No doubt you have wide variety of food here ,I feel kolkata has the best street food in India.
    Tired of eating Ck Bharta,Ck makhani, Paneer butter, butter ck etc my fav list of restaurant for diff food.
    Mouglai food Tandoori and Biryani (Arsalan, Siraz, Amber)
    Bengali Food (Bhojohori Manna, 6th Ballygung place, there are few in free school street forgot the name)
    Punjabi Dhaba (Sharma in Ballygung, Azadhind, Jai hind, Sheri Punjab,Sancha chula)
    Ah mouth watering Chinese (Golden joy, Big Boss, Beijing, Mainland china=buffet in South City mall,Red kitchen in alipur)
    South Indian not my most fvourite but like it once in a while (Anand, Udipi)very healthy because less use of oil.
    Others: Flame N Grill= Grill Buffet is worth having quite resonable in South City mall.
    Mirchi in gariahat is very different in terms of ambience worth the experience.
    Subway for quick bite.
    Stadel in saltlake stadium 5star ambience with the price of regular restaurant.
    few weeks back i was in a chinese restaurant and had ask the waiter i want something special in beancurd (tofu) which are not in the menu. he went and asked his boss and suggested that beancurd with meat a special item like sandwhich instead of the bread on bothside is beancurd and in between you have the meat stuffed (really sound mouth watering.) much smaller than sandwhich. but have to give order a day before. very much looking forward to taste it next time.

  2. vivek says:

    I have a very bad news not for anyone else but for myself. I dont eat pork and the special item is made up of pork, no problem there are so many veggi restaurant.
    Few of the list i left out:
    Veg : Rajdhani (thali)in manni square, Haldiram- good variety and ambience in ballygung,
    Those who love veg dont miss these restaurant.

  3. ycl1688 says:

    Hi vivek,

    The tofu item is known for traditional Hakka dish as ‘yong tofu’, yong means stuffed in Chinese, you can ask the restaurant for fish paste as filling. If you like bitter melon (keralla) it is possible with yong bitter melon, this is another traditional dish. Since the restaurant can be so flexible, why not ask
    for stir fry bean sprout, you may like it.

    Kolkata street food is one of the world’s best. You make my mouth watering with all the dishes you mentioned.

  4. vivek says:

    Hi ycl with all you food comments and recomendation, makes me think you are a chef or you are the owner of very delicious restaurant. Let me know if you own one i can be your frequent diner, im sure i wont be disappointed with the delicious food you mentioned.

  5. ycl1688 says:

    Hi vivek,

    I wish your presumption is right, if any of the your guesses is right I would be retired and watching sunset behind those palm trees every day.

    I have set up even more mouth watering and finger licking food items with recipes, at the forum section. Even better Tofu dishes you can try at home.
    Just substitute your meat choice. Enjoy.

    With all the recipes. Next time you will be a restaurant owner, and I will be at your ribbon cutting ceremony. I trust you for that.

  6. Han says:

    I have heard about Chinese breakfast being served or sold in some part of Calcutta though I am not sure! but would really love to know more about this! I also love original Chinese cuisines like dishes which are less spicy and more boiled type but don’t get them here.

  7. ycl1688 says:


    this is where you look for breakfast in the morning at 6 am sharp.