Tanneries shut down in Tangra

Four tanneries were shut down on Monday for spreading pollution. These include Bengal Tannery Industry in Gholam Gilani Khan Road and Dali Industries at MatheswarTala in Tangra. The closure came following a directive issued by Calcutta High Court a week ago.

Lily, wife of one of the tannery owners at Tangra, felt that she is being victimised by police officials. “My husband is the owner of a tannery, but we have already shifted the factory to Bantala. Here, we stay with our children. On Monday afternoon, police barged in to see if we operate a tannery inside our home. After going upstairs without any notice, they simply decided to cut off the electricity and water supply lines of my house. How will we now stay here with our children?” she wondered.

There was however complete chaos and lack of knowledge among the implementing agencies like police, CESC and Kolkata Municipal Corporation. “It is very difficult to identify the homes where tanneries are still operating,” said an official.

” Together with the officers of the Pollution Control Board, CESC and KMC on the first day, four of the 14 tanneries were shut down. The raids will continue for the next two days,” said a senior police official of South 24-Parganas.

Source: Times of India

The Brutal act of Govt. authorities against the Minor Group of Chinese in India. Even though the Tanneries is Closed Down, The Government cut off power of residential area that was once tanneries. No Wonder Chinese are moving away from India due to discimination, insecurities & lies at the mercy of govt. authorities.


  1. Kaizar Lanewalla says:

    It is sad to note that the Chinese are victims of Indian corrupted officials’ brutality, not simply because they deserve to be treated as such as law-breakers, but due to the authorities’ chaotic and unjustified labeling the innocents as wrong-doers. Can someone at the higher authority look into the matter and let justice prevail.

  2. Nooman Shameem says:

    Well I am the owner of the Bengal Tanning Industry ( 55 A Ghulam Jilani Khan Road), as mentioned earlier on the blog it was seized by the court representative on Monday (15-12-2008). What was suprising was that the show notice by the Supreme court only mentioned 14 tanneries name ( 11 of them are run by the Chinese -around Tangara area) out of which most of them are for resedintial use. I have already shifted my tannery 3 yrs ago in Bantala Leather Complex, I only use the G.J.Khan road as my warehouse for wet blue, for packing purpose. My electricity line was already cut in the year 2003, till the year 2005 I use to run G.J Khan road on the genearator, but it was not feesible after that hence we had to move.
    My point with the S.P who was leading the Rapid Action Force and the W.B. Police in to the premises, that I do not have a singel piece of raw in my warehouse all my machinery has already been moved to Bantala, I have only 3 machinery in premises, 2 messaureing machines, 1 each Plating and stone polishing.
    But they were not willing to listen at all, they cut of the 220 V electricity line and water pump line as well, and they siezed of my main gate. Later during the conversation with the SP, how the hell did the local political leaders and the news reporter where with him when they entered my premises, hence we later realised that it was just to make an example out of us, where as they are many tannery’s which are operating at this very moment ( from raw to finish), without any hiccups. So am I being discriminated as well?

  3. priya says:

    it is very sad to see the the innocents are victimised…..is there no one who can do something for this tiniest community in India?i wonder ….

  4. michelle yee says:

    I would suggest to have more powerful Media (high rating in-state and out-of-state TV news channels) to get on board with this issue, who are aggressive enough to dig into the minds of these local political leaders and trash them from their jobs.