Tangra Tanneries People Protest

As many as 11 tanneries have been shut down following a directive issued by Calcutta High Court last week. Traffic on the EM Bypass-Park Circus crossing was thrown out of gear for about half an hour on Tuesday afternoon after Trinamool Congress leader Javed Khan blocked the No. 4 bridge in protest against the closure.

After closing down three tanneries on Monday, a team of KMC, West Bengal Pollution Control Board and Kolkata Police continued with their drive on Tuesday, closing down another eight. “It was very difficult to identify the homes where tanneries are still operating. No one in the locality can even identify the addresses and police do not have much of a clue,” said an official.

While the agencies were busy issuing the closure notice, Javed Khan and his men staged the blockade. “We won’t allow such undemocratic activity in the state. One should understand the feelings of the tannery workers, who are on the verge of losing their jobs,” said the Trinamool leader.

“We hope to trace all illegal tanneries by Friday,” said a senior police officer.

Source: Times of India


  1. Kaizar Lanewalla says:

    Is this lawlessness in a highly corrupted and chaotic city where everyone from top to bottom who having some form of authority can take laws into their own hands and exercise actions to their will and direction to harm the innocence ? Maybe the families that live in these complexes should bribe these officials as a means to get their rights and voices heard ? Is this what these corrupted officials looking for ? Looks very much like it. No wonder the country can never rise. Too SAD.

  2. p says:

    Hello Kaizar,
    You are absolutely right about bribing the authorities,that’s their livlihood.they depend on it and thus innocence suffer.Like in a recent fire in one of the tannery.Instead of saving lives,the police were looking for the owners to arrest,for any violation in factory.Reason being,once people are jailed they can demand huge sum of bribe for their release.Shame,shame,but that’s how they work.

  3. Varun says:

    The core Indian’s value is CORRUPTION and more CORRUPTION. This world-renown asset of India is acknowledged by Indians living inland and abroad. The irony is that no one, even in the highest authority in India, is ever ashamed of it but to promote and proudly embrace it as society norm.

    BRIBERY is the most sought-after word by all levels of corrupted Indian officials to keep their livelihood and day-to-day activities going.

    Go into YOUTUBE, there is an undaunted clip showing Indian heavily corrupted politicians counting monies from briberies in front of cameras in cabinet. The episode was aired and heavily discussed in IBN-CNN – Sagarika Ghose.

    Also, there are numerous short clips showing how ordinary traffic cops in the streets of India demand small change of bribe monies from car and vehicle owners to allow traffic violations to pass by with passion.

    Interesting, click on to YOUTUBE – HUM HINDUSTANI and watch how a bribe money changes hands from one to another and eventually landed up at a higher level of officials. All in all, it is the same Rupee notes from the first bribe.

    That’s it – HUM HINDUSTANI!!!!!

  4. ying says:

    Varun, Well said.I’m an indian born chinese, now residing in Canada.

  5. michelle says:

    Varun, that youtube clip is so cool and true. I experienced it myself when I visited Delhi couple years ago (isn’t it suppose to be the CAPITAL of India? WHAT A SHAME!!) Anyone interested to watch that clip, it is “Shortfilm – Hum Hindustani” just copy paste to youtube and enjoy the shame of Indian Government.