Tangra ChinaTown Chinese Restaurants List

List of all the Chinese Restaurant in Tangra ChinaTown, Kolkata.

Big Boss Restaurant
54C Matheswartala Road, kol-46
(Tangra ChinaTown)
ph: 2328 2405

77/1 Christopher Road, kol-46
ph: 2328 1011/3998

Canton Restaurant
56 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2865 0934

Cantonese Eating House
47 South Tangra Road, kol-46

China Garden
51/1 Matheswartala Road
(South Tangra Road), kol-46
ph: 2329 0237/1725

China Haus
44/3B Matheswartala Road, kol-46
ph: 2328 2273/2276

China Pearl
Matheswartalla Road, kol-46
Ph: 2329 6637

47 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 9831

Cin Shing Chinese Restaurant
119/A/1 Matheswartalla Road, kol-46
ph: 3325 6288

4 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2328 3250

47 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 3153

9 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 1893

Flora Restaurant
9A Matheswartala Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 4618

Fortune Garden
47 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2232 83611

Fung Fa
119/A/1 Matheswartala Road, kol-46
ph: 3094 7387

Golden Empire
51 Matheswartala Road, kol-46
ph: 3091 4093

Golden Joy
50/1 Matheswartala Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 4862

Hakka Village Chinese Restaurant
104/H Matheswartala Road, kol-46
(Near Science City )
ph: 2329 1452

Hot Wok Village
56 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 3293 5062/5129 / 2328 0702

47 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 1953

5 Star
47 South Tangra Road, kol-46

Kimfa Eating House
9 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 2895

Kim Li Loi
56 South Tangra Road
ph: 2329 5098

Kim Ling
13 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 1393/8923

Lee Garden
59/1 B South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 3185

Lilys Kitchen
101 B Matheswartala Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 1783

Mandarin Gourmet
50 B Matheswartala Road, kol-46
ph: 2328 2919

Tangra Palace
47 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 4657

9 South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 0274

Nu Cascade Chinese Restaurant
P106 C.I.T Road, kol-14
ph: 2244 8199

Singapore Restaurant
47 South Tangra Road, kol-46

Shun Li
9B South Tangra Road, kol-46
ph: 2328 2638

Zhong Hua Restaurant
61/B Matheswartala Road, kol-46
ph: 2329 6521

New Additons:

Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

Ming Garden

did we miss out any ?


  1. Jordan says:

    Evergreen , LiLy’s kitchen

  2. leon says:

    already in the list 🙂

  3. Jordan says:

    Ok its Lee Eating house not Kimfa Eating House . and there is 3 more restaurants Golden pheonix , Shanghai and 5 star . And there are few more up coming restaurants which are not built yet . 😀 if u liked my comment then reply because i helped you alot

  4. Jordan says:

    I would tell you that Kim Li loi restaurant’s food is the best of all the restaurant .Because i have tasted all of restaurants they are not so good .

  5. Jordan says:

    I would tell you that Kim Li Loi restaurant’s food is the best . Its best amongst All .

  6. Rohan says:

    Yeah I agree you once i went to Kim Li Loi the food was very tasty

  7. leon says:

    thanks jordan …

    now ming garden is the latest addition 🙂

  8. Kaviyarasan says:

    Thank you!!! Thanks a lot…

  9. Jordan says:

    Hey there is no cantonese eating garden
    there is only Lee Eating House

  10. blah says:

    one more… mugal darbar

  11. Richard Allen says:

    We had dinner last night at Tangra’s chinese restaurant named \Shanghai\. Food was horrible and must have been prepared by people with no idea of cooking. The place was congested, cluttered and extremely noisy. It was impossible to hear my friend sitting next to me. Very Very poor amboience and the whole place Tangra is a real gutter and shit pot of Kolkata. It is full of dust, dirt with open sewer drains running just outside the restaurants.

  12. Richard Allen says:

    Sorry the correct name of the Restaurant is Beijing and not Shanghai.

  13. ycl1688 says:

    Sorry to hear you have been disappointed with the restaurant. Yet you are complaining about the whole locality, that is not right. Tangra has been known for its environment, it has been cleaned up a bit. My advise would be to choose a better restaurant in that neighborhood, preferably with family runs one. I am sure someone will recommend one. Remember the best tasting lotus root comes out of the most filthy pond.

  14. Amod says:

    I tried Golden Joy last sunday…Simply loved the place. Chili Garlic Roast Duck and Tangy Crispy Chicken is a must have. Pls suggest some more place, with more ‘Authentic’ chinese food. I’m in Kolkata for around 2 months and want to try the most recommended places in Tangra.

    Also, (wrong place, yet giving it a shot)…any market in the Kolkata ‘China-town’ vicinity thats worth visiting, and if yes, what’s a must buy.

    Thanks guys.

  15. ycl1688 says:

    try evergreen from the list. it is one of the oldest and authentic along the main stripe.

  16. ayushi says:

    china garden’s food is average

  17. Anindya Gupta says:

    Our challenge is how dwindling populations who give Kolkata its unique character to grow and prosper. Let us talk of two humble areas

    1) Language Studies : Unfortunately in Kolkata the course fees from any of the big names for Mandarin is still out of reach of the huge middle class.Why not start such classes in a local school in the evening at reasonable rates

    2) Food Festivals : Organize food festivals and offer cookery classes on authentic regional food.What separates between the original and the one on the street corner offering chilli chowmein

    These are very small humble observations and well meant

  18. ycl1688 says:


    Your two points seem to be easier said than done.

    Point A with heavy burden on school age students with Hindi as second language and Bengali as third language, it is not enough time to handle other subjects.
    I know certain students have to take math tutoring class on sunday. At the teachers side not much Chinese knowing ones are out there.

    Point B the owners are busy with their regular restaurant business, why would they use their resources to take part in food festival. As I understand the food festival at chinese new year’s events are sufficient. As for cooking classes why would they give away trade secrets ?

  19. Nishit Dave says:

    I found this blog very interesting and would like to write a review on my blog about Tangra and the Chinese habitat staying there for ages. There is something about Tangra and their authentic food that makes it unique for foodies like me to visit their often. Thanks for the complete list of restaurants however the ones most visited by me is Hot Wok Village and Big Boss. Their cuisines is a real treat for the taste buds. Good work!

  20. Suchi says:

    Hi, Can any one tell me at what time chaina town resturent will serve last order? We will plan to go this next friday. Any resturent which will serve late night will help me.
    Its really Urgent.

  21. ycl1688 says:

    try calling ahead, to know how late the restaurants open.

  22. TUSHAR KUMAR DAS says:

    I want best Restaurant

  23. vivek says:

    Hi Tushar,
    Try Golden Joy for variety and Kim Fa for it amazing noodles.
    both will certainly leave a memorable experience to you.
    Im not a chinese food expert, but certainly a big fan of chinese food.
    good luck!

  24. Terrance Lu says:

    Hi Tushar I agree with vivek you can also try Big Boss my favorite beautiful interior, comfortable parking space, great staff, cant be missed when you enter tangra. Luv the chk manchurian and tjai soup.

  25. Aniruddha Roy says:

    which is the best among all wrt price, qualty n environment?

  26. Melly says:

    Do not let looks to deceive u! The food at Kim Li Loi Restaurant is fantastic! Affordable and yummy! I would love to have a meal there after work!

  27. Swati Sarkar says:

    i need to know where do i get cooked frog meat or ne chinese priparation pf frog
    please let me know. its very urgent!!

  28. gaurab chatterjee says:

    plz visit hakka village, the food is awesome, the best i had in china town

  29. jagjot singh says:

    i went to china town twise a time a what i like are people of china town. they are so humbled and nice. the food i tasted is singaporie noodles, fried rice with gravy munchurian. amazing food. So hot & Spicy.

    all the best to china town for new year 2012.