Tangra Poem Part II

And as the curtain draws for the final time..
I’m writing the last chapter of “Tangra’s time”
Our people strike blows with each other…
Forgetting that we are still brothers…
A monument that is supposed to be our pride…
Becomes a reason for Tangra’s last ride..

Is it Greed or Money?? …I do not know
But hell … We are putting on a shameful show
And as if the sad silence in this town was not enough..
Noise of anger and hatred now fills us up..

And as our community decreases in number
One can only sit and wonder…
Can we let a new race move in?
Can we really make a difference??
Or is it that our time is up?
A place we once called home..
Is now the same place we feel alone..
A place we can no longer trust..
Discarding this town becomes a must…
Is it Greed or Money??… I still do not know!!!

Benjamin Kuo.

4th line: “ A monument..”= Pei Moi Chinese School


  1. Good Citizen of Tangra says:

    well written ! its neither greed nor money ! its one rotten apple that spoils the whole barrel.

    In the Land of Tangra where the good apples lie.
    One Rotten Apple to spoil them all, One Rotten Apple to shame them,
    One Rotten Apple to bring them all and in the darkness digest them.

  2. ycl1688 says:

    Great poem keep it coming. Good work, Ben.

  3. leon says:

    some of the comments have been edit by the admin .. We request the visitors not to use derogatory comments in reply to the posts published on this blog. The credibility of the blog matter to us, and the comments in bad taste tend to invariably hurt the authors.So kindly, refrain from creating an unhealthy atmosphere for all, and keep your comments constructive.thanks 🙂

  4. tangra hakka cheena says:

    another great poem, ben. keep up the good work.

    it sets the epitagh on the demise of pei moi.

    so true it is:-

    Is it Greed or Money?…I do not know.

    Is it Greed or Money?…I still do not know!!!


    that’s all I can say. good bye pei mei my mother school.

  5. sara says:


    you had history set in words for the hakka chinese in tangra.

    when you look back after a few decades, you will feel very proud of yourself for having contributed this fantabulous poem on the passing of pei moi, an institution who all chinese in tangra cherish but mourn of its death.

  6. ycl1688 says:

    I can sense this blog is under white terror threat and tremendous pressure, which are unwanted, yet the voices have to be heard, a single person cannot bring the hard work you put into to disappear into thin air. Will respect
    your opinion, be strong and stay the course.

  7. Liu says:

    nice poem made me MISSED Tangra. Great work Benjimin.
    Many heart aching word.
    Hope things will be fine.
    Phe Moi will shine again like a jewel.