Story from afar – Part 2

Here are the next series of the story, after a few years’ time. Enjoy.

Special Thanks to Chen for Submitting this video.


  1. vivek says:

    Great to see the kids grown up and studying, those guys look like they are the parents. seems like a happy ending. I hope they just dont finish class 6 like ycl has metioned and work in a saloon as hair dresser or work in a restaurant as cook, not that its not a dignified job or the $ they will will earn is bad.
    If they like that as a career it is better to do a professional degree and become a hairstylist or chef in a star hotel, with the professional degree they will be eligible to climb the ladder for higher post and also have a better quality of life.
    Im not trying to judge those wonderful kids. I only wish them best in their future.
    Yes ycl my community did help me, im a marwari from bihar and not from a very wealthy back ground, i came to this great city of joy and my community helped me get a job, slowly i have built up my contact in the community and started my distibution business, definitely with some help from the elders whome im greatful and i intend to do the same.

  2. ycl1688 says:


    yes, definitely life seems to have turned around for these kids. Imagine young chinese in early 1900s have to take a boat from remote villages in China, stayed in shoe business and struggled their way up. It was not easy.

    You made it good in your line of business, so remember to keep the price down and help the supply line going, keep the economy going and your business up.

  3. ycl1688 says:

    Dear Mrs Lai,

    It has been a touching video, for the few short moments of your inspiration and heart touching words, it makes grown ups shed few tears, that is the power you had.

    May your soul rest in peace and spirit live forever. And let the good Lord smile on your children.

  4. lee Sen says:

    Hi vivek,
    You raised a very important point here, good to know you dont judge people. Judging other is easy but judging oneself is something people dont like. If every one start judging oneself im sure most of the problem will not exist. By the way you seem to be charging a lot in your business, mind donating some for the welfare of this community. You might be invited for a grand feast. just a joke , i know marwari are muckhi chus.

  5. vivek says:

    dear Lee,
    No no no you got me wrong, im not like that it is easier to misunderstand here, when you meet me in person im really different. I agree what you say, it is 100% right it amazed me how good you are. i mean it. most marwari are like that.
    I love chinese food and i say that 2 every ones, i dont say that 2 my marwari fren they will kill me, in fact pork is tempting me a lot. maybe someday i have it. See im different.

  6. ycl1688 says:

    Definitely race cannot be stereo-typed. It is definitely still a nagging problem through out the world. So the world should see race through non discriminatory eyes.

    Hats off to you, Vivek. I understand you are doing good eating chinese food.
    that is what life is about.

  7. lee Sen says:

    Muckhi (house fly) chus story.
    Once a marwari was having tea, suddenly a fly fall into his tea, he pick the fly put it in his mouth to make sure that there is no tea stuck to the fly before he threw the dead fly. no offence to marwari especially vivek, the story known all over India.

  8. vivek says:

    The more i try to correct it the more the mistake im making, i think today is not my day. Lee its ur day today enjoy it. Sorry folks.

  9. ycl1688 says:

    Please let us stay away from racist remark, quote from US president Richard Nixon ‘people hate you do not win unless you hate them and destroy yourself’.

  10. lee Sen says:

    Apologise for the racist joke, thanks ycl for showing the way, sometimes i tends to be short sighted. Sorry vivek. Im in US but my heart is always there.

  11. ycl1688 says:


    You do not have to change your eating habit to prove you are different, just be yourself.

    Yet if you happen to see suckling roast pig hanging from store front in most Chinatown, you would certainly change your eating habit. Then forget your marwari friend.

  12. vivek says:

    Richaard Nixon is absolutely right, Very true. I have never hate Lee. The joke is very common though. Hate only creat more hate and there is no end to it. I hope 2day is not my bad day. talk about eating habits lets keep the best 4 the last, yes Ycl i wil Always be myself.