Shining Star Group

shining star lion dance group

Shining Star is a Chinese Lion and Dragon Dance Group and is the oldest group in Central, Old ChinaTown in Kolkata. And now the youth of the chinese cummunity in india are carrying on this age old tradition and bringing prosperity and happiness to people. Their main aim is to show the beautiful people of india the cultural side of the chinese people living in India so that they can also celebrate wit us .

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  1. Carlton Huang says:

    Congratulation to shining star! especially to Mr Liao, a true icon in the dragon fest legend, last man standing.

    I was the ex-s star member, unfortunately due to silly dispute with liao brothers ah wei and ah chin, departed from the group (AKA I am known as ah chun nee) and launched the Platinum dragon group with first of its kind dragon head rather than the classic flat headed look, painted in gold, rather than yellow or red, after the startup for the first year, like many in those days, fled the forbidden town and headed to new the world, god knows what happen to Platinum…..Surprise that liao has keep the momentum and culture going, as i said earlier he has the true passion and today he has champion in this tradition.

  2. Michael Liu says:

    Dear liao,

    keep up the good work.whenever I visit the website it always remind me of my old days with the Shinning star group and is fun and good & bad memories among the group.

    Khong Hey Fat Choi ! Wishing you and all the members of Calcuttans a Happy & Prosperous year of the Tiger.

  3. Han says:

    Wonderful informations! how many dragon or lion dance groups are there in Tangra, Calcutta ? do they compete? this is so interesting! I would really love to see all this next year. I am from Calcutta but I am not a Chinese.

  4. Shane Liao says:

    Shining Star still rocks Calcutta!!
    We’re still the oldest and the best GROUP(MOUSI) that there is in Calcutta! I’ve been in Shining star for the past 10 or maybe 11 years!!! we’re the 3rd generation…and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon!!! Follow us on FACEBOOK you will have more insight information and photos
    here’s the link : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=44392629876
    See ya’ll there!!! 😉