Shiang Kong

Shiang kong indian hakkas Favourite?



  1. ycl1688 says:

    Another one of the food of the highest order from kolkata. It has its unique taste, might be the instant pounding effect at the butcher at tangra slaughter
    house. I have heard in Toronto Kingston market they sell to dog owners. In certain Korean stores products have not been pounded it lost its tender texture.

  2. Mark says:


    You are so really cool. This is the very dish that brings back great memories of Fat Mama of her Hakka food. As a child, I used to hear my dad ordering this dish “Ham Choy Chau Suey Chow Shiang Kong” from Fat Mama.

    My dad passed away since 1987. He would have been nearly 100 years if still alive today. Since leaving India in late 60’s to a foregin shore, I know that he would miss this dish dearly as I reckon that Shiang Kong is not available outside Kolkata – someone please correct me.

    Thanks for posting. Look forward to more surprises from you. Great Job.


  3. vivek says:

    this food looks great, wonder how it taste. can any one tell me how is this food taste like? where can i get it?

  4. Alice Leong says:

    Yummy! this was one of my favorites….I hope to get some when I visit India.
    Another excellent dish is chow shiang kong mei fun….and also shiang kong is served with mei fun in soup…

  5. ycl1688 says:


    the raw shiang kong is in some of the us cities with korean stores. They consume with bar-b-que.

    I wonder where thien took this picture.

    Ham Choy Chau Suey Chow Shiang Kong is the dish in picture. It is cow stomach. It has its unique taste, closest one will be squid dish, yet it melts in your mouth.

    Ham choy means pickled mustard green in chinese,
    Chau suey means fermented rice
    Shiang kong means black stomach

    The last time I had this dish was at Evergreen restaurant in tangra. Usually the supply is limited, on Friday evening it is pretty fresh.

    As Alice mentioned it is mixed with rice noodle like chow mein, or rice noodle soup. This one is a speciality in tangra, the gentleman (hsih kim wah), someone may know the name of the restaurant.

    So armed with this information head to tangra and enjoy your meal. You will not be disappointed.

    Here is another info I believe some muslim restaurants in Tirette bazaar, does sell kebabs made with cow stomach, last I checked was at Bow barracks along weston street, no luck. So send in your spies check it out or post rewards poster someone will find it for you.

  6. simon says:

    Hi ycl, you brought water to my mouth, squid is one of my favourite dish too, when ever im near the sea, i have to order squid, Ah its been a long time i had Ham Choy Chau Suey Chow Shiang Kong after leaving kolkata i could never find Shiang Kong, its been years i had Shiang Kong. I think the best in tangra is Cha Kim Fa (hsih kim wah is owner i guess) I hope i will be able to go back to kolkata soon to revive my wonderful past and certainly to have those yummy food. nice picture looks delicious.

  7. alex says:

    Hi guys, i see great pictures above, a foot print of chinese existence in calcutta. I can also see facebook what a great idea to link the most talk about site, certainly i can see the fan for this site is increasing. i wish i can post my pic in the face book but too old for this. great work keep it up guys.

  8. Thien says:

    my sister took this pic at Golden Joy restaurant.

    now i feel lik havin shiankong lol..
    cant wait to go back……

  9. vivek says:

    Hi guys,
    I think shiankong mean Hong Kong. couple of years back i was in hong kong tour, i was with a group of tourist of different place. I ask one of them, chinese, how did you like hong kong she told me shiankong is nice, i just recall. had a wonderful trip, i was wondering then still dont know.

  10. vivek says:

    Hi ycl, Sorry i didnt mean to contradict black stomach with hong kong. maybe hong kong mean black stomach. is it?

  11. ycl1688 says:

    Hi Vivek,

    I think you were enjoying Hong Kong a lot and confused the place with food dish.

    Hong kong is a place call fragrant harbor in chinese, same pronunciation though in writing is totally different with shiang kong, the food.

    Do not get confuse with this food item shiang kong. It is unique dish only found in Kolkata.

  12. lee Sen says:

    lol ycl, vivek must have been day dreaming then, that was funny shiang kong=Hong Kong.

  13. Thien says:

    well its shiong kong or shong kong = hong kong . am i rite??

  14. ycl1688 says:

    Name pronunciation leads to misunderstanding. No offense to anyone.

    Here is a true incident in tangra, an Indian servant sent by his Chinese boss to buy few pork pow (chinese pork bun), to his amazement when the servant returned he got few pork feet (pork feet), suver pow and pork feet almost same pronunciation in both chinese and hindi.

  15. Mark says:

    Let’s put this matter of “Shiang Kong” to rest after all the explanations and clarifications given above.

    The root cause is that the pronunciation of differenct Chinese dialects of different things or objects etc., i.e. in Cantonese, Hakka and Putonghua (Mandarin) – appears to be closely the same; hence the mixed up.

    That’s OK – as far as the right and correct intended message is delivered. In English, there are many of these instances too and it is of no surprise to anyone.

  16. sherman says:

    when in school, my indian chinese hakka friend used to invite me for meal in his house. his mother likes to cook shiang kong and others like:
    – stirred fry lady’s fingers;
    – stirred fry brinjal;
    then offer after meal fruits:
    – banana;
    – apples;
    – jackfruits
    i’ve forgotten how to say these in indian chinese – hakka.

    can someone help me to recollect. thanks.

  17. ycl1688 says:


    You are lucky to have known some good person to invite you and treated with good food, it is all that matter. As for the names it has its chinese name equivalent.

  18. Sherman says:

    thanks ycli688
    i vaguely remember the following:-
    lady finger = hau koh leen;
    banana = heung cheau;
    apple = peng kao;
    jackfruit = thai cheung leen
    are these pronunciations correcr ?
    still cannot remember brinjal in hakka.

  19. Richard says:

    Haha……ThanksSherman, I knew those interesting name. I was wondering if those were local slang or real name before I post themm. Brinjal=tiao choy. Quite interesting. The person who invented those names must be genius.

  20. liu says:

    The genius inventor of these creative names had not only amused but also added a grain of salt embarrassment to many.

    I once overheard an old granny in Chinatown looking for jackfruit when she asked with the translated hakka chinese version of “hathi ka xxxx.”

    Imagine the fruit vendor was in a state of shock………ha, ha.

  21. lexus says:

    “Shiang Kong” is the dish well recommented in Tangra. Its owner Hsieh-KimWah who owned the KimWah restaurant long passed away ,its his son Hsieh WeiTong had taken over and managing the business. This is one of our favourite restaurants started way back in the early 60s where not many people at the time could afford to patronise the restaurant. Today things are very different, people from all walks of life can just pick and choose and enjoy.

  22. Bhartya Cheenaa says:

    Liu – I once heard a Hakka girl in her mid-teen asking for the price of bhindi (ladyfinger) with a Hakka version translated into Hinglish – monkey ka you-know-what. She was so nonchalant about it until I looked at her with amazement. I had never seen anyone of East-Asian origin other than her turn so pink/red, except for Caucasions.

  23. roshan says:

    to: Bhartya Cheenaa

    awesome!!!!! lol

  24. liu says:

    to: Bhartya Cheena
    ha,ha…. i’ve also heard about the incident about the hakka girl asking the price of ladyfinger you mentioned. incredible!!!!!!!

  25. vtecl3 says:

    any one got this recipe?