Shaolin Village Restaurant

shaolin village restaurant

Shaolin Village Restaurant proudly presents – Chinese cuisine with the taste of India! We prepare our food with the freshest ingredients and spices, in the unique cooking tradition that has evolved from years of Hakka Chinese living in India.

Indian Hakka Chinese food is a pungent and spicy adventure for the taste buds. The Master Chef of Shaolin Village is a third-generation Hakka Chinese from Calcutta, India, who inherits the cooking techniques and food culture passed down from his elders. Extensively travelled in China and South East Asia, our staff understand the culture and the food of all Asia. As well, being born and brought up in India, we know and appreciate the food habits of India the best, so we innovate to suit the Indian palate.

While maintaining our traditional methods and ingredients, we aim to strike the perfect balance between history and change, in the true spirit of the Indian Hakka Chinese.

3 Charles St.
Brampton L6V 1E7
Ontario, Canada