Robbery bid and assault in Tangra’s Chinatown

A gang of three was arrested on Sunday for a robbery bid and assault in Tangra’s Chinatown last month.

Police said the three men — all in their 30s — had barged into the flat of retired businessman Paul Lambher on March 25 morning, armed with a chopper and revolver. They attacked his 26-year-old son when he resisted and chased them.

“We interrogated the trio to find out about their leader. Raids are on to nab the mastermind. The gang appears to be involved in several cases of dacoity in the city,” said an officer.

Cops said one of the accused is wanted by Bengal police in connection with several dacoity cases and another has served five years in a murder case and is out on bail.

On March 25, the three dacoits entered the two-storey building at 3F Tangra Road around 11am and reached the first floor, where Paul lives with his wife, daughter and son Samuel.

Paul and his wife, a teacher at Grace Ling Liang High School in Tangra, were not home. The dacoits rang the doorbell and Samuel, a chef with a five star hotel in south Calcutta, opened the door. His sister was in her room. Two of the men, brandishing a revolver and chopper, barged in while another stood guard at the gate of the building.

One of them grabbed Samuel from behind and asked him to hand over the keys of the cupboard but the youth resisted them. The duo panicked and tried to flee with Rs 250 lying on a table. Samuel chased and shoved them as they ran down the stairs and one of them hit him on the elbow with the chopper and also sliced through his palm.

“I received over 30 stitches on my hand and elbow and will have to undergo surgery on my left palm,” Samuel said on Sunday.

The incident sent shock waves through the neighbourhood of Chinatown. “We are feeling unsafe as criminals rule the roost here. They extort money from restaurant owners and have also started targeting their families,” said an owner of an eatery on Tangra Road.

courtesy: The Telegraph


  1. Jennifer says:

    Let’s pray that Samuel will recover soon from the trauma.

    Wow, this is getting out of hand. The Indian Chinese community should come together to fight & fend off any dacoits’ dreams of intrusion. All members should be seen united and not a bag of loose sand. Everyone should think unselfishly that your business is mine and my business is yours when being confronted with any intruding dacoit gangsters.

    Where are the policemen and security personnel on this ? The question to ask is if any corrupted police have had any participation ?

    A neighbourhood watch patrol and reporting should be set-up immediately for the good of everyone in the community.

    Chinese restaurants owners should also be glued together to combat any intruding dacoits and those that extort monies. Report crime, protect yourselves and do not show wealth or monies in public.

  2. ycl1688 says:


    You are absolutely right, everyone should be on alert and be united at this juncture.

    Yet the weakness on Chinese every where is I want to show my well being,
    drive the best cars I can buy, buy the best dresses money can buy, build the best houses I can build, yet to the outsiders it is sign of wealthy attract evil eyes. No wonder luxury car ads are always put up closed to Tangra.