Rejuvenate Tangra

Tangra ChinaTown, ChinaGate in Kolkata is finally going to be a dream come true for the People of tangra and West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation. The 1 crore project would take off pretty soon since the chinese chief engineer from kunming is already in kolkata.


One chinese style arch architecture would be beside Tai Shou Gong at em bypass


another chinese style tower architecture at Hughes road Christoper road crossing.

The 3rd one near topsia is called off because that place would need to built a 4 km flyover at em bypass.


  1. ycl1688 says:

    Should be impressive ones.

  2. Alex says:

    very much required, high times. Should change the perspective of the place ?

  3. Lai says:

    This is great news and long overdue.

    Looking forward to the new facelift in Tangra Chinatown so that all Indian Chinese worldwide can be proud to be a part of it yesterday, today and forever………

    Hi Leon,
    Thanks for posting.
    Please continue to give updates here on this project. By the way, what’s on in the old Chinatown at Tiretti Bazaar. I read alot about high and mightly rejuvenation & beautification work there also. Please find out the latest and greatest and advise.


  4. vivek says:

    Im sure it will bring the place under the tourist map. I hope more beautification work will be done on the inside. I have been there it is really messy. It can become the place in kolkata. believe me please.

  5. ycl1688 says:

    Sure with gates setting up, it will make Kolkata proud. And will be a hard to miss tourist attraction.

  6. leon says:

    it’s already in the calcutta/kolkata tourist map ! 🙂

  7. lee Sen says:

    I agree with every one it makes us proud, Im not there but miss the place very much.

  8. Bill says:

    I hope part of the rejuvenation is the improvment of the infra-structure within Tangra, and not just the exterior with a gate and a tower.

  9. ycl1688 says:

    Sounds like the engineer from China main task is to set up the gateway. Inside still looks like a ‘nuclear winter’ scene not a single tree could be seen, how would vegetation grows with toxic waste around ?

  10. vivek says:

    Hi everyone, just curious when things will start. We know china move fast, but they are in bengal now, it is interesting to see how fast the things will progess. hopefully the people of bengal absorbed some of the chinese culture. im sure than bengal will beat mumbai by miles.

  11. ycl1688 says:


    I thought there is a saying ‘what bengal thinks today, india thinks tomorrow’.

    Red tape is the thing that bother a lot, some babus have to sign the okay, then another babus have to get okay from the higher ups. What do you care as long as the food prepare in that area is good ? Maybe the gateways come up it will become a tourist trap, restaurant food prices will go up. So make you trips more frequent before the price go up and quality goes down.

  12. vivek says:

    Liked your sense of humor ycl. Maybe i should marry a chinese girl that will solved my problem of having chinese food and save a lot of monies at the same time. just kidding im already married with 2 kids.

  13. lee Sen says:

    Uncle vivek, enjoyed ur story in china garden, bow to you to the extent you go to have chinese food. You should be glad that they didnt chase you thinking you are a shoplifter, dress well next time ?

  14. ycl1688 says:


    Married a chinese girl just to cook for you is not a wise decision. One idea I can come up with is opening a profession chef service, send to your house with all the ingredients along with the chef, cook up the chinese dishes enough to last you a week. Once the food are gone, then you can hire the chef to cook again for you. Here is the problems with this kind of service the professional service needs the babus signatures and lots of vitamin ‘R’ (bribe rupees) to get the necessary paperwork and license, by the time you have open several restaurants, you do not need this kind of service.

  15. vivek says:

    Hi ycl, I realy liked ur idea but as you have also suggested the necessary paper work will take long enough for me to open up several restaurant. So i thought, why not send my wife for cooking classes and i really dont have to hire any servises, i might have to spend some monies in the begining but i can have chinese food at home everyday. right now she is good at making chapati and bhaji.
    LEE thanx for ur suggestion, there are other people in this place.

  16. ycl1688 says:

    Hi Vivek,

    Yes, you are right send your wife to the cooking school and what is better to have home made dishes. Since you are already eating healthy food chapati with bhaji, I might order from you and send it over the courier service. Only problem is you have to find refrigerated material to keep the food from spoiling.

  17. vivek says:

    Hi ycl,
    I will be more than glade to send you the food parcel.
    You know indians cant do without a chapati in the night specially my wife, to me not madatory always preferred chinese foods, nodles. I also believe food taste best when fresh, somehow Bindaloo curry taste better the longer you keep

  18. vivek says:

    Hi ycl do you know anywhere i can send my wife to learn chinese cooking ? She dosent like the idea though, she is a very strict vegitarian. but i will try to convince her. I have only one conditon i.e.only female chef’s. Please suggest me some veg item , So that my wife will also get to like chinese food as much as i do.

  19. ycl1688 says:

    Hi vivek,

    sorry could not recommend any chef to learn cooking, maybe someone could.

    To make life easier, you could order some vegetable dishes such as veg chow mein (tell the restaurant to use vegetable oil) carry out or let her eat veg dishes, while you are enjoying your favorite dishes by her side at the restaurant. I do not know
    what her reaction will be. Either blame me or beat you up. There is no two ways about it.

  20. leon says:

    the best thing is to learn it yourself and cook it for your wife .. she would love you more 😉

    as for where to learn you can always google it … i have also added some videos here you can check it out 🙂

  21. vivek says:

    Dont be ycl, thanks guys for the suggestion, I do get beaten by her, trust me its the best feeling, she hit me at the same time dosent want to hurt me, feeling is priceless. So in return i….(censored)
    Thanks leon for the suggestion, i can start with that definitely which is little compared to the amount i luv her. i hope she wont get fat me doing all the work, already she gained some weight you know marwari (especially) or rather indian wife after marriage the weight multiply’s as if they are trying to hit century like tendulkar, im sure my wife wont she is so good. Thanks leon i will definitely learn some at least. fried rice i know. mouth watering noodles i have to learn, i always over boil the noodle with hot water. maggi i cook very often.

  22. ycl1688 says:

    Hi vivek,

    Chances of family flare up is very slim. I know you are one big happy family.

    Anyways, check the saturated fat content on your maggi package, the noodles have been fried and packed. Watch out for that. I know most of the chinese restaurants make their own noodle, which has less fat contents.

  23. vivek says:

    Nice one ycl thanks a ton, Its going in my favourite list. Never knew there was so much you can do with tofu, mouth watering and the health benefit too good, Thanks again!