Proposed Chinatown Plaza


Proposed Chinatown Revival project right in the heart of Kolkata! Imagine feasting on your favorite dimsums and Chinese delicacies right till late in the evening, lit with Chinese lanterns, colorful sprightly lions and lively dragons dancing around you to the stimulating rhythmic beats of cymbals, gongs and drum!

Beautifully decorated stalls in Chinese designs and manned by Chinese in traditional dresses!It will be a unique experience for anyone who needs to feel the invigorating ambiance of a real Chinatown right in Kolkata!

Source: http://www.facebook.com/TungOnChurch

Together Anything is possible!!!!! Hope the vision of creating a beautiful place to celebrate friendship and community and bring about a great tourist destination for people from all walks of life. Thereby bringing in peace, prosperity, joy and bonds of friendship and benefit the city at large in terms of the economic effect. We need your help in any way as possible. Without you nothing is possible.! Your small act, spread the news, create awareness!!!! Click LIKE on the TOONG ON PAGE. Small acts lead to big things!!!