Pei May Chinese School in Kolkata

Pei Mei Chinese School in Kolkata

Pei May Chinese School in Kolkata is striving hard to keep alive the tradition of a close-knit Chinese community.

Tangra region, popularly called `Chinatown` is home to thousands of local Chinese, famous for their culinary skills and restaurants serving mouthwatering ethnic cuisines.

The 75-year-old school, the only Chinese school in India, located in a narrow lane now booms with life as new batches of students fill the classrooms.

The community in recent times is combating the fast dying of traditions and culture amongst the new generation of whom more than half cannot read or write their mother tongue.

C T Lung, a veteran Chinese language teacher whose family in India dates back three generations, has taken up the job in an attempt to create interest among the younger generation in their culture.

It`s very important for our children to learn their mother tongue. It`s unfortunate if some one does not know his or her mother language. We are taking all efforts to teach them Mandarin so that they can develop a better understanding of Chin and its cultural heritage. It will also help them to read Chinese literary works,” said Lung.

Initially the school faced the problem of a shortage of texts, which are not available in India, but with the support of the Indian Chinese Association for Culture, Welfare and Development and the Chinese Embassy in India, they were brought in from Taiwan and China.

As part of the school curriculum, students are also taught Chinese literature and mathematics. These classes also give the children a chance to interact with one another and conversation in Mandarin.

The young students are keen on learning their mother tongue.

“I want to learn Chinese language because even though I am staying in India I want to learn Chinese because I want to know more about my culture,” said Salena Chang, a young student.

Carol Young, another student said: “I want to learn Chinese because I want to know my mother tongue.”

The move has drawn full support of the parents.

The Chinese are the most prosperous of all the foreign communities that have settled in India. They made their way to the city during the late 18th century and by the mid 19th century had established themselves well as skilled industrious people.

There are as many as 7000 Chinese living in Calcutta city alone.

source: ZeeNews.com


  1. GKY says:

    I would like to know if Moy Kwong Chinese School in the city of Calcutta is still in existence. I am alarmed to hear that it is on the chopping board now. Please would someone comment.

  2. puja chatterjee says:

    i am a first year collage student and interested to learn chinese language at kolkata. i would like to know weather any institute that provides a ministry of higher education certified chinese language course.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I am very happy to visit your blog and; it really surprise me to know there is Chinese in India.

  4. ycl1688 says:


    As the saying goes ‘sun never set on British Empire’, Mr sunshine never set on

  5. Uttam says:

    I am in Aus. But I would like to know about Chinese people living in Kolkata, the problems they face, their everyday life style, the social life, etc. So, I am interested to communicate with anyone in this regard.

  6. Dan says:

    Wow!!!! What’s happening….

    Watch this video. See it to believe it. Check it out.


  7. ycl1688 says:

    The ‘hero’ of the clip is no stranger to controversial, back in 60’s a storm of cloud was felt by his ‘heroic action'(depends on whose side you are), that cause someone’s life, than the clip shows he was trying to use ‘connection’ to get the school’s key in court. Could not something be settle by locals ? It is a disgrace. This clip is worth millions, this is an internet age no one can hide anything anymore. Let the world know.

  8. lexus says:

    Clearly understood from the youtube, broadcasted by one of us, the majority of my classmates were there fighting against 1 man as I had mentioned earlier, its not a shame, its an outcry and protest from the fair community group speaking out for the future students. It will be resolved soon in a peaceful manner, unlike decades ago things would have gone worst and unimaginable, as most of those guys were usually armed and dangerous. I do not want to name them as they are my relatives , cousins and classmates, fella students etc.. And again, like I said its not a “dog fight” I had seen worst before, it will be resolved very soon in a peaceful manner.

  9. ycl1688 says:

    Thanks for your kind words, at some point of time, it looks like the modern version of ‘julius cesar’ at the ides of march about to run. Lucky good sense prevailed and the theory of friends carry daggers were avoided.