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Pei May Chinese School – 80th Anniverasy Celebration | Dhapa

Pei May Chinese School – 80th Anniverasy Celebration

80th Anniversary Celebration of Pei May Chinese School , only chinese school in India.



  1. ycl1688 says:

    So the petition is here and the email address is

    If someone can draft a better petition please do so. A chinese version will be published soon.

    Please do it if you feel the school should be opened.

    Petition against closing Pei Mei School in Tangra, Kolkata, India

    Dear Consulate General,
    I would like to draw your attention to forced closing of Pei May School by an individual. How does one close a school owned by the community and acquiring right to close it down without reasons ? A school meant to teach education and train the future generation. What is wrong with that ? Despite appeal by the community that individual does not compromise, using court order to shut down the school. How can this be tolerated ? Please use your good office to get this matter solve.

  2. ycl1688 says:

    I was told the consulate is very much aware of the problem. Just have to sit tight and watch.

  3. tangraboy says:

    Thats what I meant. wait and see and things will be ok…Its been like that for the last 80 years. I just consulted with an old Hakka senior (who lived near Nanking restaurant years ago) with thorough knowledge of our history in Calcutta. For Manju just hang on there, & dont stir any shit.

  4. ycl1688 says:


    You are absolutely right. As long as you get advise from wiser senior, things will turn out alright. Just as the annie song says ‘Sun will come out tomorrow.
    hang on till tomorrow’. Take it easy. Life is worth living.


  5. Bhartya Cheena says:

    to: tangraboy

    things need to move on, whether for better or worse; are not only meant to be seen but make happened. the waiting game needs tactics and watchfrul eyes for if not pursued will mean “forever” in the indian context. just look at nanking today.

    on the higher levels, the chinese consulate office will exert the necessary pressures, but at the grassroot levels of the community, there ought to be a positive message to the individual in question, so that no repeat will ever happen again or any attempt to make happen by someone else in the future.

    it is a lesson to be learnt by the community as many past old school mates in tangra and abroad overseas are sadden to see what pei may has become today.

    in summary – as rightly said by ycli688, the only chinese educational institution for the small community should not be shut down in the first place.

  6. ycl1688 says:


    It a sad commentary on the school, it was glad to see the community raised their voices, yet come up with short. Meantime the school is shut and sounds like a second cultural revolution is on with human hand closing school. The reality is a public affair, how many more dramas do we have to see ?

  7. Li says:

    is tangraboy in charge or just an observer ?

  8. Liu T.Moi estate says:

    You don’t have to be sarcastic to pick on “tangraboys” they are neither charge’d’affaires nor observers ! He is only a spokeperson for our family on this topic. Our grandfather (1930) was one of the earliest founders of PeiMay together with LiuChienPak ( land title owner PeiMay) and my late father also a committee member and had contributed many “amounts” over the years to maintain and upkeep of this school with many others as well. It’s the bond that kept us going for years. 2 years ago I had a chance of visiting the school quietly on my own and wanted to give but there was nobody in the office ? The chaprasi got a big “boxi” so was the dorowan, as the school was open at the time with 20 to 30 odd number of students.

    As YC says keep the school open and let it run its course, that’s what the community wants

  9. ycl1688 says:


    I do not speak for Tangraboy, yet the main character wants to find his ID. So to avoid this volatile issue turning worse, write to chinese consulate to resolve the issue, this cannot be resolved with individual effort.

  10. Li says:

    to: Liu T Moi estate

    thanks for clarification. you should not read the ‘one liner’ with harshness as there was no ill motive.

    so, tangraboy is the good apple who sided with majority of the community to keep the school running despite his lineal affiliations with some elders at the opposing end.

  11. ycl1688 says:

    Liu T Moi estate,
    Thanks for you and your family kindness and generous to the school.
    The school started out with great celebration, dancing to the wee hours of the morning and left everyone with smile on their face. Little did we know that was the farewell party. Here is certain angels to look at the situation.
    To the consulate general my source reminded me they suggested the school to be ran by the committee. So Mr Consulate General keeps attending the parties and banquets enjoying the best of his stay in his post. Same old same old little difference except those darkest hours of Sino indian relations the school was opened by the fund from across the Strait.What good will be your post if you cannot keep a school open ?
    To the well to do in tangra itself, their offspring attends elite schools like La mats, Loretos and so on. Nothing bother them.
    To the gallant men and women who tried to keep the school open, get the order to stay out of school campus.
    Who are the losers? the future generation of this community. So only a mere 20 to 30 students, at the school best of time a class population is bigger than that. So it deserves a slow death ?
    What a tragic end to the celebration and can something better to be done ?
    I do not think it has to end this way, yet it is.
    After all a public affairs, who cares ?

  12. desi cheena says:

    well said ycli688.

    looks like it is more of a james bond’s plot than a high street broadway musical drama.

  13. keema says:

    benjamin Kuo’s poem on tangra should be rewritten now that the old school (pei moi) is closed……a closing chapter for hakka chinese in india.

    the ghost town has lost its faintest heartbeat with the pei moi school closed down.

    the sights and sounds of red lanterns and cheena restaurants everywhere with wuu qui all around.

  14. ycl1688 says:

    with asterisk

    the school closed down because of a senile individual wants his name on the building.

    You will find the neighborhood, with his street name also.

  15. Li says:

    to: ycli688

    can tangraboy do something to stop the name change? why should the name be changed when pei moi had such significance to the hakka community and it is such a beautiful and unique name, meaning literally “nurturing the children of moi yuan”.

    thought tangraboy is on the side of the majority community to prevent this from happening ?

    tangraboy, please advise.

  16. Tangra Hakka Cheena says:

    Why should anyone shut down the school just because he wanted to change the name of a community property of historic name, value and significance to his own name. Why Pei Moi.

    If so desirous of having his name scribbed on some buildings and streets, he should go elsewhere and do it on private property owned.

    By greasing the palm of KMC, he may be successful to have a street named after him. But WHO CARES……..Not on Pei Moi.

  17. manu says:

    to: tangraboy

    where is that so called “bond” mentioned in Liu T Moi estate comment gone ? Has that vanished in thin air ? That was also what the community want to continue.

    Why should the school be shut down in the first place…still not convincing.

  18. ycl1688 says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    This school looks like will shut forever, as much as the community tried.
    Another public affair, another frustrating ending,what do we learn ? nothing. Can we do something ? zero.
    This is the tragic end of a great institution. To the individual who shut down the school, it is a disgrace and it shows human dignity at it lowest form. So put your statue in the school for others to spit at. Since the babus will obliged to your name changing, they have done to change Kolkata from Calcutta and so many street names in that city.
    Few years ago, there was another senile individual, who donated to different communities public places with furniture on one condition with his name on the furniture. It is a laughing stock.

    Obviously pei moi is a fantastic name. It signified a lot.
    as for tangraboy if he does not response, please excuse him.

  19. Li says:

    can the hakka chinese of tangra still claim united in efforts for the good and welfare of the small chinese community in kolkata ? is there still a conscience around ? while telling the whole world that they’re nothing but a bag of loose sand…….

    when the elders do not behave righteously, we should see the bad trend set continuingly with the younger generations.

    the biblical story of sower and the seeds says: as you sow, so shall you reap.

  20. hakawala says:

    current situation in pei moi gives all reasons for wuu qui to manipulate the community for its division. Lxx is equally a loser.

  21. ycl1688 says:

    Li and Hakawala,

    All said and done, it is the unity that is rear in this particular incident. We saw the youtube clip, at least some have raised their voices. That should be a good sign and a ray of hope. Long years of infighting and greed have sipped this community.
    First the parties and then clans. Just have to watch with clinched fists, teeth cringe and think of the brighter future. Meantime the bad guy still on the loose, doing evil deeds with the backing of babus that are corrupted to the core.

  22. Hakawala says:

    Any hope that the school will reopen again…..