Chinese Movie Week at the Spring Club

the Spring Club
in association with
The Consulate General of
The Peoples Republic of China in Kolkata

Opening Ceremony on 15th September
7pm onwards @ Zion
Film screening from 15th to 20th September 2009 , 4 p.m onwards @ Silver Screen

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Chinese Chilli Sauce

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Movie Time – Mukti World Mall

Movie Time at the Mukti World Mall in Ballygunge Phari is Calcutta 8th multiplex that was launched on august with the two-screen. Movie Time, the 8,000sq ft multiplex has a seating capacity of 298 in Mukti World Mall that will screen Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood releases. The ticket prices will range from Rs 50 to Rs 150. The Mumbai-based multiplex chain is slated to expand its Calcutta presence next year with a four-screen multiplex in Salt Lake.

Bow Barracks Forver

Bow Barracks Forver is about residents of a small Anglo-Indian community in the lively metropolis of Kolkata try to preserve their unique identity in this moving drama from India.

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RBI plans to print Rs.10 plastic notes

Soiled notes may soon be a thing of past with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) planning to introduce Rs 10 polymer banknotes whose life span would be four times the normal currency notes and would be difficult to imitate.

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Kamla Puchka


Mr. Prem selling some finger licking good kamla puchka at Chattawalla Gully near Territi Bazaar, Old ChinaTown

Chilli Paneer Recipe

Paneer ChilliPaneer Chilli Recipe an innovative recipe with the traditional paneer is a combination of the best of Indian and Chinese cooking styles. A recipe of cottage cheese, capsicum and onion stir fried in sauce for a delicious mouth watering dish.

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Indian Chinese in Mumbai

India’s Chinese community has been in steady decline in recent decades, but in Mumbai there still exists traces of the Far East

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