Merry Christmas 2008 !!

It’s Christmas once again! It’s time for Santa’s gifts, for mistletoe kisses and for togetherness. Share the joys of this merry occasion with your friends/ family/ loved ones and wish them Merry Christmas.

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  1. Amitabh says:

    And a merry Christmas to you too. And a very happy 2009.
    Have fun!

  2. Abir Lal Mitra says:

    Greetings. A Merry Christmas to everybody on this blog! I’m a Bengali Christian and a postgraduate student at Jadavpur University. I’ve always been interested and passionate about the marginalised communities scattered across our beloved city.

    I would like to know particularly about the works of the Christian missionaries among the Chinese here in Kolkata. And also the ways in which Christianity has blended with the indigenous cultural forms in this community, as it has always been the case among many other Indian Christian communities.

    Actually I do not yet know anybody who could put me in touch with any of you. Will look forward to hearing from you soon.


  3. p says:

    A long awaited of the upcoming chinese new year by so many chinese here and abroad have been completely wiped out by the recent raid of the chinese tannery by the indian officials.Notwithstanding the celebration that come with it like the diwali and other festivals.The unfortunate tannery owners with their elecricity disconnected; have no regular electricity at all.They have no water too because the water pump is either sealed or disconnected by the officials.It is just unfair that higher authority who gives the order ignore the living condition of the victims.It is corrupton and disruption of life.

  4. Robin says:

    It’s the festive holidays season. Let’s be joyous to spread the message of love, peace and hope to perpetrate into the agonised Indian Chinese community in Tangra to uplift and cheer them up.

    Indeed, my cousin (Indian Chinese) from Toronto called up on Christmas Day feeling demoralized and upset with the treatment of corrupted Indian officials over ruthless and unjustified closure of tanneries in Tangra affecting many Indian Chinese families. This is not the first time that the innocents are being victimized. Imagine what it would be like if one destroys a bird’s nest……it’s home without a home for the birds.

    My cousin’s mood and plan for return to Tangra for upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations have diminished. The yearning for the once good old nostalgic feeling is dented once again – bearing unhealed wounds still burning from past experiences of discrimination and marginalization for no wrongdoings of Indian Chinese.

    Let’s pray that we would not witness these repetitions again in the future in a modern India. Sadly – history repeats itself.

  5. YiYuan says:

    To my friends in Tangra!Miss you people very much man!alrite peace out buddies!

    1. leon says:

      Welcome to Kolkata Chinese Community Blog (:

  6. vivek says:

    Merry Christmas!
    Wishing everyone joy and happiness……………..

  7. ycl1688 says:

    Spent the most enjoyable christmas in kolkata. The flower range in new market still there with christmas decoration, it is magic in the air, with morning mass at sacred heart chapel at Lenin Sarani. Then dinner at China Town restaurant at S N Banerjee Rd.