Meiyang Chang to Host IPL 2

If its SET Max then theres always a heady concoction of cricket and entertainment. The second season of Indian Premier League, to be staged in South Africa, commences from18 April. As we saw last year, Max had no cricket experts but TV and film actors as anchors for the tournament.

This year too it will be no different with Max having made offers to Indian Idol 4 host Meiyang Chang, Veejays Ayushmann Khurrana and Gaurav Kapoor. Bollywood actor Sameer Kocchar, who was among the anchors for the first season, will continue his tryst with IPL.

When contacted, Chang confirmed that hes received the offer. Says he, I have received and offer to host IPL 2 but nothing is finalised yet. Im very keen to be part of IPL 2. After all, Im a cricket buff and plus this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The channel is yet to respond to me. So, I cant confirm to you now.

Sources though say that Kochhar and Chang are surely going to be in South Africa. Meanwhile, Ayushmann Khurrana and Gaurav Kapoor remained unavailable for comment.


  1. manju says:

    chang u look good to be a dentist not commentor

  2. rita says:

    to: manju

    what is a look of a dentist ? please advise.

    that’s only your own opinion, right ?

    are you jealous of chang ?

  3. ycl1688 says:


    You opinion maybe right, Chang is a multi-talented person, not yet upto his fullest potenial, remember the greatest Chinese revolutionary Sun yet-san is doctor by profession, he brought down the manchu dynasty. Never underestimate other’s talent, talent is too good to be wasted.