Meiyang Chang leaps to Bollywood

Meiyang Chang have hit jackpots in the form of Bollywood films. Chang is all set to make his debut in Bollywood and with Yash Raj Films.

A YRF official spokesperson adds that Chang in all likelihood will play Shahid’s friend in the movie.


  1. Des says:

    Congratulations to Meiyang Chang.

    He truly made Indian Chinese proud. He is now moving one step further in entertainment industry into acting after being a singer and a show presenter.

    Go go Meiyang – the sky is the limit for you. We all support you.

    Watch the promotional clip on the Bollywood YRF below:-

  2. ycl1688 says:

    What an achievement for Chang, hope one day this man will make all the Chinese in India proud, his record proves that he is capable of making big in entertainment world with his stunning performance of ‘Indian Idol’, we have been waiting for the last few centuries to see the first Indian born Chinese movie in Bollywood. Only hope Bollywood will not be as bad as looking down on oriental as Hollywood, which forced Bruce Lee to move to Hong Kong to make his name big.

    Could Bollywood be a stepping stone to Indian Prime Minister seat for this young man ? We have to trust this young man to do it for us.

  3. leon says:

    i think he has already make us proud =)

    go chang go 😉

  4. Des says:

    To: all Tangra/Tireti Bazaar Chinese youths

    Meiyang Chang had set an exemplary example of “CAN DO” spirits in Chinese community in India. He is a role model for many aspiring Chinese youths today who want to excel in various fields of their passion & interests in India currently only enjoyed by mainstream – entertainment, professional doctors, lawyers, accountants, politicians etc. just to name a few..

    Let’s prove that we CAN DO it. The whole community will definitely provide full support behind.

    Chang’s success is the motivational factor that drive you to reach your unreachable goals.

    For those who think Ah Fat Chong as a hero & super-star, they should think twice to follow his footsteps because he ended up as a coolie cum beggar in New Market.

    As yc1688 commented earlier, the entire Chinese community in India is keenly looking forward to the day when a Chinese takes on the challenge to be elected to a municipality leadership at State level. Then, it will not be long before we have one elected to a political role at the Centre.

  5. ycl1688 says:


    I believe I might have rushed to talk about anyone entering political arena, politic is such dirty business, lives might be wasted, just look at Nehru family.

    Shah rukh khan did not want to have anything to do with politics, that is what he was hinted.

    There is a joke about politician, a couple wants to see what their ten year old son will become when he grows up, so they tasted with liquor, bible and money on a table see what his son will pick up, liquor means a drunk, bible means a preacher and money means a banker, it ended up with their son picking up all the items, so the mother predicts her son will be a politician. A politician means a devil and angel at the same time.

  6. holstein says:

    Yes, MaiYang Chang made all the Indian Chinese proud.
    He showed the Indians that Indian-Chinese could really
    sing Hindi Songs ( not just speak Ching-chong ching-chong,
    like how the Indians used to tease us when we entered
    some places (paras) where they had never seen Chinese people)

  7. Des says:

    To: Holstein

    Are Indians still making fun of Indian Chinese as Ching-Chong Ching-Chong in some paras ? If so, it is indeed shockingly sad.

    I thought this only existed in the 60’s during Sino-India war period where ignorant politicians from the Centre and States encouraged that the Chinese community in India be taunted & be-littled. Looks like many Indians are still very uncivilised and intolerant of diversity.

    Politics may be dirty, but I am looking forward to a day when there is an Indian Chinese elected either at the State or Centre level as one of leadership, then the status of Chinese in India will gain strong recognition.

    For those aspiring Indian Chinese men and women into India politics, GO for it.

  8. Dan says:

    I recently read Meiyang Chang’s blog “The Buddha Soliloques” and would like to share one of his latest postings titled: An Exile Unto Itself – which I found of great interest.

    Apart from the bai-sexual jokes circulating about a shine-less actor these days, the other piece of news grabbing eyeballs has been the racist attacks on Indian students in Australia. Demonstrations were held, memorandums submitted and diplomatic relations rendered awkward. Hopefully, tensions will ease soon and life will go on as usual. Or will it?

    In a world already divided by boundaries, language, religious beliefs & ideologies, further division & derision on the basis of color and features is disgusting. For long, many foreigners have taken potshots at us and have literally, made us feel like sh*t. As Indians, fortunately, we have largely been an extremely tolerant lot and forgiven many their trespasses, because as Mahatma Gandhi had wisely quoted, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” Racism in any form in any part of the world is an unpardonable offense & those who indulge in it are not fit to be called human beings.

    But who says Indians are always at the receiving end? We as Indians need to see beyond ourselves and cock the mirror to be able to witness our own fractured reality and our misdirected ire against fellow Indians just because some of them look like phirangs or follow a religion contrasting that of the National sentiment or speak a language which is not spoken nationwide. Yes, our country does have its differences on the basis of caste, creed, color and religion but that’s another story altogether. My grouse, as of many who do not “look” like Indians is that how do we cope with being branded a ‘foreigner’ after we, our parents & our grandparents have lived all our lives in India? Why is the warm feeling of acceptance always a fleeting illusion? Why does “but I’m an Indian” become an oft-repeated phrase for us? Why do we face & will keep facing taunts all our lives?

    Generalization is preposterous. One bad fish does not make for an oceanful, and India absolutely cannot be seen as a subconsciously racist country. I thank all those large-hearted people who’ve accepted people like me as one of their own, but on a countrywide scale, I can’t help but wonder what lies in store for us who are Chinese/ Nepali/ German/ Nigerian / British/ American and the like by blood but Indian by birth, and proudly so . Mutual respect might not stop some around the world from continuing with their disparaging attitude towards us, but the least we can do is honor the Unity in Diversity tag that we so pride ourselves in, to be one in principle and action. Unless we achieve this singular goal, we have more to fear from ourselves than our neighbouring countries.

    The statement of a North-eastern character in Chak De India might have gone unnoticed in all the grandeur of the movie, but it strikes a chord with all those who face my predicament. The line went thus – “How would you feel if you were treated like a guest in your own motherland?”

    Seriously, how would you feel?

    Posted by MeiYaNG CHaNG at Monday, June 22, 2009 5 comments

  9. Bill says:

    A beautiful and eloquent piece of writing. My admiration for MeiYang has increased tremendously.

  10. Samiksha Biswas. says:

    Yes,he is such a good person.I think so he can also do acting.He is very cute

  11. Li says:

    Check this out on Chang’s latest achievements:-

    The BADMAASH COMPANY Theatrical Trailer ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtcdflQAOs4 )!!! Still more than a month to go for the release on 7th May.

    Well done Meiyang…..

  12. Bill says:

    Looks like Mei Yang Chang is dating a Calcutta girl. Good for him.


  13. Gagan says:

    I am not from chinese community but I just love this guy. I don’t know why but since my childhood I have a special affectiona and obsession for chinese look. I had a boy in school who was chinese by origin. I found him so innocent looking and cute that I always kept trying to somehow talk to him. It will sound very funny but once I tried to chase him so that I could find where he lives.

    When I grew…. I got to know the discrimination to people of chinese origin(count north east and tibetian). That was really very annoying. Local delhietes paticularly JATS are not able to accept other community. I know that people make fun of them and treat them as foriegner. I wish that people like this (Particularly Delhi JATS) get educated and tolerant. But this behaviour is applicable to south indian and Bihari’s also c(somewhat)

    Chang I love you and you will be marked in history for your achievements.

  14. ycl1688 says:

    It is proud to be a Chinese now, specially in India, every where is chinese food,
    wonton, chowmein to name a few and chinese products to be common. What a sea change from few years ago, owning a chinese pen is considered a taboo and with chinese getting second class citizen treatment. It is a big change of heart for indians.