Meghbela Broadband

Meghbela Broadband is the new high speed broadband service provider in Tangra Region. After lot of complains with SIFY and everyone switching over to airtel, the local ISP have decided to switch over to Meghbela Broadband to stay in the market.

Meghbela Broadband has joined hands with Bharti Airtel – Broadband & Telephony Services to offer internet services to the Home Segment as well as the Industrial Segment. Airtel shall provide the entire technical & back end support. The Network through which the entire system run is an Underground Infrastructure i.e. through E1s.

Meghbela Broadband shall be among the Few ISPs in Kolkata that shall have its entire network underground. Moreover, Meghbela Broadband, as an ISP, is the only Channel partner for Bharti Airtel , Enterprise Services.



  1. Chumki choudhary says:

    I was taken meghbela connection.but due to worst service i am using BSNL broadband.every day speed problem, no such service & support,wrong billing and after all meghbela help desk! all time busy….

  2. pankaj arora says:

    i was taken meghbela speed is toooooo good. service and support good..no problem…good company.no billing problem bcoz. meghbela provide fixed rate

  3. soumen says:

    Dear chumki

    your comment is verry fine. i am soumen for meghbela customer relationship officer,i am check your customer id but no recd. found so you are not to meghbela customer then why send that type of comment.i think your name is
    wrong.please dont do that.thanks

  4. leon says:

    hi soumen … i didn’t know that you have multiple identity disorder :p

    working in the ISP you should be knowing what an IP is :p

    since you are here i’ll let you know that meghbela connection is good .. but customer care part needs more improvement.

    maybe you guys are working on it … and it’s why you are here, pankaj 😉

  5. Partha says:

    Meghbela Broadband is a very very worst service provider. They have no proper man power, no proper technicians. The Meghbela Broadband kept my deposit money. When you take new connection the sales persons say that the installation money you will refund when you leave Meghbela Broadband connection. But actually they can’t do this. The connection also have full of virus and sometimes download speed stuck. Their technicians dosent even know how to handle mouse, my 2 mouse is damaged. The company is a most 3rd class, chitingbaj company and F…… company.

  6. ycl1688 says:


    I could understand your frustration, during my short dealing with Tata proton, I could know the way the company treat you like god and even promised you the moon, the service was slow during day time and night was faster. It is scary to deal with the customer service, all in all the charges were outrages, yet it is a learning experience. Mouse could be affected sound like a greater nightmare. Who knows what else could go wrong, as for anti virus you can down load AV software, which is a free ware from internet. It sounds like the service industry sucks in your part of the world.

  7. shayon says:

    i was using megbala brodbrand.speed is good.

  8. Manoj says:

    please don’t take this connection,
    1)they operate this via local vendor
    2)main wire through electric pole, every time disconnected no one wants to take responsibility,(no toll free number)
    3) every night time no connection they told morrow morning but u r not in room for office
    4) rainy season u forget internet word
    5) u get slow speed as per package given ur machine problem cause.

    pls pls don’t take———————

  9. Shanit says:

    You would be a fool to take Meghbela connection. They are the worst internet service provider in India, hands down. Not a single day goes by without downtime and by downtime I mean around 7-10 hours everyday, yes every single day believe it or not, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. Infact, you can forget about downloading anything at night with Meghbela as they have downtime 99% of the days after 11 pm.

    The local cable operator who provides this connection is simply useless. Everyday I call them 10 times a day to fix my connection and they never do anything. Worst of all, they keep blaming my computer for all these downtimes, telling me restart my computer and disable/re-enable by LAN card everytime I call them but it fixes nothing.

    I am usually a very patient man and have put with this nonsense for 6 months but now I think they are pushing my patience a little bit too much lately with insane downtimes. Time to get rid of Meghbela for good.

  10. subhankar das says:

    I’M USE 1 mbps connection.they told and also write that on 12 am to 8 am
    connection speed upto 4 mbps. but many time logout and login process done
    but connection speed 150 KBPS.where i’m get atlest 300 KBPS download speed.

    so i told every one that don’t use this connection.this is very very very bad
    service provider…………………..

  11. Suman says:

    Dear subhankar i think u don’t read the package liflate of Meghbela Broadband’s there is notified that the speed will increase (upto) 4 mbps thats mean speed will goes upto 400 kbps or speed stands in 100kbps that no guarenti that u get 400kbps speed deaily 12am to 8 am any days u get 100 or any days y will get 150 or 400

  12. Sourav Porel says:

    I am also using Meghbela Broadband Connection and it’s work completely fine for me.I can see that lots of people complaining about the service provider, but it’s not their fault for the worst connection,it’s all about the local cable operator they are deal with.If local cable operator doesn’t fix the low level connection and wire problem,the service provider can’t solve the problem of the customer.And that’s how every cable broadband service is operate in the whole world.In every region Cable broadband service providers are dependent on local cable operator to maintain their network,and that’s why they can give us very cheap rate Internet connection.You people can’t get 256kbps(unlimited) connection from the the other ISP with only Rs.450.If you are complaining about the Meghbela Broadband without knowing the proper fact,you first complain to your local cable operator bcoz they are the main culprit.If your local cable operator is not good enough to provide a Good Cable TV service then don’t take any Cable Broadband Service,they all works for you as the same way.My local cable operator is very good and that’s why i hardly get any connection problem with my Meghbala connection.
    And after all..you people can extract the LAN functionality of their connection that is pretty awesome that you can only get that if you are working in a big interconnected corporate network……
    If you people not believe in me..!do your research on Cable Broadband service and their functionality and you can get all your answer….good luck..

  13. Subhadip says:

    I agree with u absolutely Sourav!

  14. Rana says:

    Hai guies..
    What the speed at torren?

    Alince give upto 7mbps downlouds pack at 339 plan.