Chinese and Anglo-Indians Kolkata own’s

Anglo Indians have today moved from traditional places of residence like Elliot Road and Rippon Street to South Kolkata localities like Picnic Gardens and Behala.

For a lot of them, this change of residence signifies the long and often difficult journey that made since 1947.

And then there’s the Chinese in Kolkata’s very own China Town – Tangra. Here Monica Liu is not only one of the most influential Chinese women around but also a cook par excellence.

Her ancestors came to Kolkata decades ago to set up businesses here. Today Monica is a world traveler – but returns to Kolkata every time.

“Saying this is home and no place is as wonderful as Kolkata,” says Resident, Tangra, Monica Liu.

courtesy: IBNLive


  1. Howard says:

    She is not the only one. My camera lense tells the story and so are many other Chinese folks who lived in Dhapa before !

  2. ycl1688 says:


    since you mentioned you have pictures see how good they are and care to share with us ? I am sure there is a way you can post you pictures.

  3. Dan says:

    Hi Leon,

    While on the topic of Anglo-Indians of Kolkata, appreciate if you or someone (Thien or yc1688) from this community blog could post the movie: “Bow Barracks Forever” here for all to enjoy.

    The format used in the Legend of Fat Mama is a good one to replicate for viewing.

    Thanks a million. Look forward to see the movie.

  4. Kashyap Ray says:

    Calcutta is a city with a soul…