Kim Kim restaurant

Kim Kim restaurant is posting a new threads to the old restaurant like Fredericks and Lin garden. Managed by the students from York university, It bring not only the quality of food but also the form of management into the traditional hakka style of management.


  1. Mark says:

    Congratulations to Kim Kim Restaurant. Thanks Joe88 for sharing this news.

    Competition brings about advancement, positive tension and improved quality, quantity and better customer services to benefit the patrons and diners of all “player” restaurants. When there is healthy competition, it is even better as it undoubtedly raises the standards, culture and experiences of the dining industry in Kolkata where Indian Chinese restaurants form only a part of the big pie.

    Now, in Tangra, the food lovers of Indian Chinese cuisine have a larger and wider choice. It is the market forces that set the trend – driven by demand and supply and the norm that only the fittest will survive.

    There are different grades and categories of Indian Chinese restaurants in town and they primarily serve different clientele base and to suit different taste buds.

    I like the concept of modernity that Indian Chinese youths are bringing new concepts from their studies abroad to make a change in management of Chinese food fusion and crossover of Kolkata. This is a positive step – a clear sign of inflows of local Chinese expertise back into their birthplace where there were previously only signs of exodus with no return.

  2. ycl1688 says:

    Where is Kim Kim Restaurant ?

  3. Vivek says:

    Hi ycl,
    I was googling chinese food, yummy found the chinese restaurant.
    Thanks joe!