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Kamla Puchka | Dhapa

Kamla Puchka


Mr. Prem selling some finger licking good kamla puchka at Chattawalla Gully near Territi Bazaar, Old ChinaTown


  1. Patricia says:

    Hi Richard,

    Read your comments on Tangra-on line, you are right now residing in Kaoshiung are you seem to be an overseas chinese from Calcutta if I am not wrong heard you are planning to settle down in S’pore heard is a good and safe place to live in is there any idea how to do the paper works, myself and my family is living in Taipei since there are no hopes for the future I even thought of migrating to S’pore to take a trial, since my hubby does not like to living in Canada, so we have to stopped thinking of Canada now and hope to see the better at Spore any idea would appreciate very much.


  2. richard says:

    Hi patricia, i can tel you only when i succeed, i can tell you now is your age should be below 45, good qualification no criminal back ground etc.

  3. Mark says:

    Bill and all who still reminiscent of Nizam’s Kathi Rolls, Chicken Rolls and Khiri Rolls, here’s a short clip of Nizam’s Restaurant, Kolkata’s very own and all-time favourite by Kolkatans whether living in or out of the City of Joy. Enjoy.



    To: vivek, simon & all who love jhal muri, here’s the art of making it. Enjoy.


  4. ycl1688 says:


    Thanks for the videos. It is Nizam food that forever itched into one’s memory for a life time. And the comfort food at the highest level. The aroma flows around for miles. It is simply the best of the best. Too bad it is still under the red banner with
    lockout sign.

  5. vivek says:

    Dear Mark, Thanks for those lovely food links. I have in fact learn to make roll, There is some problem with the jhal muri link, if it can be re-linked. Thanks.
    Ycl loved those video in the forum section, too good, really enjoyed the stuffs.
    Thanks a million guys

  6. Mark says:

    To: Vivek,

    Oops! Somehow the link was not attached properly.

    Here it is again. Enjoy.


  7. ycl1688 says:


    why do you want to make roll at home, it is right in your backyard, does nizam’s has outlets in different parts of kolkata ? As for jhal muri the famous one, the champion is around lighthouse cinema, the betram street side (new market side). You will not miss it if you go day time.

  8. vivek says:

    Thanks Mark, jhal muri made my mouth water.
    Ycl Nizam does not have any branch in kolkata, I heard they have a branch in UK, not confirm heard from one of their staff.
    I would like to make roll at home becos my wife, she is vegge, so i can make roll with stuffing like lettuce,jalapeño,mushroom, Pumpkin, tofu will be a good experiment, lot of mayonnaise and some chilli sauce.

  9. ycl1688 says:

    Hi Vivek,

    The jhel muri on video seems to be different variation, the one I know is with
    cucumber, peanut, shredded coconut and many more good stuff, finale is with mustard oil (caluwa tal), does it sounds familiar to you ?

  10. simon says:

    Hi Mark, Loved the jhal muri, I have tried the mumbai version not that good, Kolkata version the best, cant get it anywhere else. Thanks.

  11. lee Sen says:

    Hi vivek, I think you have not made roll, It is PAZZA (indian version).
    Get it patented, you never know, you can become the next Colonel Sanders inventer of kfc!
    I wonder how you guys invented khercheri (boil rice mix with all sorts of i dont know).
    great work of arts!
    Hip Hip Hurray !!

  12. vivek says:

    Hi ycl, Yes it does sound familiar to me, It reminded me of my school days.
    during break We buy 2 Rs. jhal muri is enough for 2 person. miss those days.
    Having 5 Rs. in the pocket felt like rich man.
    Lee Sen, You are right, it is a big problem, which I have not yet being able to sort out with myself, I have a reputation at home. I start towards the east , but somehow I land up in the west. Once I have tried to make momo, but end up making singara. I got applaud for making singara. maybe i should have tried making singara would have made a great momo.

  13. alex says:

    Hi vivek, i can explain why you start towards the east and end on the west.
    very simple proceed straight towards the east without turning left or right, and you can only reach west. interesting what do you think ?

  14. vivek says:

    Hi alex, you are right, how come I never thought of that, Now I should head for Mars that is where I belong.
    I feel like asking my mother, she must have found me on the roadside and adopted me.

  15. Bill says:

    Today’s Telegraph has an article talking about Calcutta’s representative food. Puchka headed the list and Eau Chew Restaurant also made the list.


    Enjoy, Calcuttan. Makes me want to go back for a visit.


  16. stephen says:

    Thanks Bill, for the link.

    Nice article on food, even made me wants to go back, those amazing moments of the past are only memories. wonder when will i be lucky again.

  17. vivek says:

    Hi Stephen
    fond memories are priceless, Specially the precious one’s cannot be forgotten. I still like to visit the place that i loved, when i was young, cant express how i feel, It has been part of my life and growing up. It has made me the person im. Stephen you should visit your place to recollect the past. You will definitely feel great.

  18. ycl1688 says:

    Kamla let me down when I had a chance to visit him on mid december last year, i was told he went back to his village, looks like the reason is either too high of potatoes price, he could not make enough profit or he has earned too much not to bother with business for a while. There is always next time.

  19. Slyvester says:

    After many years abroad, I returned to Kolkata recently for a visit. I purposedly took an early morning ride from Tangra to Old Chinatown in Tiretti Bazzar for a Chinese Breakfast.

    While I was taking pictures of surroundings and sampling some of the food, I became interested when I found an Indian man making and selling Chinese fried donuts (round and long type). To my surprise, just beside him, there were four men making/frying small aloo puri – the familiar food that I used to enjoy as a teen. On looking carefully, I saw a face of Kamla look-a-like and I instantly asked if he was Kamla’s junior and he acknowledged. So, I took a picture and sampled his puri/bhaji food.

    I asked Kamla’s junior if there is still a puchka stall in Central Avenue where the family live, next to the Kali Temple, i.e. the one I used to visit as a child and he said yes. Also, with all Chinese disappeared in Black Burn/Phears Lane, the daily evening puchka stall had now moved from Balck Burn Lane to Chattawala Gully, right behind Welland Gouldsmith School. Further, on every Sunday, Kamla would take his stall to Tangra to provide his puchka food to the Chinese folks there. Unfortunately while I was in Chattawala Gully in the evening, I only saw him making puchka but did not try for fear of disturbing my stomach with the kutta.

    I also went to Nizam’s for kathi rolls – khiree and beef. Unfortunately, Nizam’s don’t have both as they now only serve chicken and button and also not in rolls. I sampled that with mutton biryani and returned the next evening to sample from UP, the shop next to Nizam’s, for their kathi khiree and beef rolls. The food was OK.

    One morning in Tangra before leaving Kolkata, I ate too many kathi rolls in one shot to a point that my stomach starts to feel unwell. I realize it’s the greasy oil from parathas that caused it.

    I learnt that you need to eat within limits no matter how much you like the food or how good the food is.