Indian Michael Jackson

Indian Michael Jackson – Yet another Famous Indian Songs popularized by Taiwan University Students in Taiwan.

Want to know how famous this song is ? Check it out :


  1. Ah Wan says:

    It is really sad that a Legend who could have gone into history as one of the all time greatest entertainer would end like this. I know people who got influence by him and has changed their life (Actor: Prabhu Deva), and numerous people around the world. The above video speaks for the legend.
    My personal view is that he is a victim of Wealth and Fame which started too early in his life, he didnít get the chance to lead a normal life.
    I have seen countless example in the chinese community, where children of wealthy parent are usually spoiled and donít have sense of responsibility.
    Sadly he died a poor man.

  2. ycl1688 says:

    This is human tragedy, michael finally overtook by fame and money. This is the man who does not want to be black, did himself enough harm. It taught us human beings a lesson going for money and status in society will not much good. Look back few years ago, 3 students from Columbine school, opened fire in school, because their parents were too busy making money, and their sons were busy at their garages practicing target shooting.