Tangra Chinese from Canada arrested ?

A Canadian national was arrested at the city airport on Monday on the charge of travelling on a fake passport.

Chiu The Chee, 38, formerly an Indian national of Chinese origin, was about to board a Thai Airways flight to Bangkok on his way to Hong Kong when immigration officials detected anomalies in his passport.

The officials found after checking his details that Chee had come to India on a Canadian passport that had expired in 2008. He was carrying an Indian passport on Monday which he had allegedly obtained by submitting false documents.

Chee lived in Tangra till he migrated to Canada in 1990. He received his Canadian passport in 1993. After failing to find a “decent livelihood”, he returned to Calcutta in 2004 with a miscellaneous visa.

Chee claimed that he had applied for renewal of his Canadian passport in 2008 but the high commission rejected his plea.

“Chee then got an Indian passport through an agent. The passport was procured presumably by submitting forged documents,” said Basab Talukdar, the deputy commissioner of security control and foreigners’ regional registration officer in Calcutta.

On Monday morning, when Chee approached the immigration counter at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport for clearance, two pages of his passport were missing, said an airport official.

“When immigration officials questioned him about it, Chee claimed he knew nothing about his passport being tampered with. However, according to rules, the passport holder is responsible for any damage to it,” the official said.

The officials became suspicious and scanned Chee’s profile in the system to verify whether he had used the passport earlier. It was revealed that Chee had earlier travelled on two other passports — Indian and Canadian.

He was denied boarding and detained. “Chee confessed to the fraud during interrogation. He said he could not find a decent job in Canada as he had studied only till Class X,” said an official.

Chee was handed over to airport police.

source: The Telegraph


  1. June says:

    This is unfortunate. Chee is naive, stupid & ignorant to invite charges upon himself for offences.

    1) Being once an Indian citizen, presumably by birth, he needed to renounce his Indian Citizenship first before becoming Canadian Citizen ( fulfilling the residency requirements in Canada & had proper immigrant visa etc.). India does not recognize dual nationality. If he had no intention of returning back to India at all, i.e. leaving for good, then the renounciation could or could not happen as Canada allow dual nationality. However, it is still proper to do so.
    2) Upon returning to India as a Canadian, and when his Canadian passport expired, there should be no problem for renewal at Canadian Commision in New Delhi. There ought to be something wrong or missing here.
    3) If he had never renounced his Indian Citizenship which he was once, he could have re-applied his Indian Passport (however, need to renounce Candian Citizenship first at New Delhi) through normal channel without document falsification.
    4) His last Indian Passport seemed to be tampered with in the first place, with 2 pages missing, so how could he be so naive to present himself out for suspicion & investigation by airport security officials.

  2. ycl1688 says:


    You brought out an interesting point about the plight of Chee, the fact is once a person is born in India after independence you are eligible to hold a person of indian orign PIO card, once you become a naturalized citizen of foreign country. That would make life easier to live in India. Even easier you can apply directly to hold oversea indian passport, a dual citizenship.

    As for your point 4, I believe you got to watch for some custom officers can rip the passport pages out with valid visa on it and accuse you of
    messing with your passport, the idea is to on the look out when dealing with some corrupted custom officials. They could easily transfer your valid visa on to another passport and make money.

  3. June says:


    You are right about certain unscrupulous Immigration/Custom officials at some notorious countries (mostly third world – corrupted/backward/mafia type) tearing off travelers’ passports of visas etc. in front of them even without their notice.

    This being so as these valid visas may be made for re-use elsewhere; more importantly to cause panic for inattentive travelers and get them into trouble….

    When traveling, one needs to be very careful with one’s passport and needs to keep an eye on it when presenting out to either airline officials, customs/immigration or others when checking in/out or going through Customs/Immigration.

    I once had a bad experience in Italy many years ago.

    At dawn, after a long hauled flight, I landed at Rome airport on transit to Israel. Since I was asked to get my next transit boarding pass in Rome (in those years, no E-ticket), I went to the airline transit counter with my passport/airticket/last boarding pass etc. My then physical condition was still half asleep.

    At that wee hours, all shops were closed in the airport; in the transit counter, there were only two staff – one male and one female and no other passengers. It was dead quiet.

    I walked over and presented my documents. In split seconds, I saw the lady shoving all my documents into the shaded non-visible area of the desk counter hiding everything. Then she told me again to present my documents. Initially I thought she was asking for something else, then she told me would you please let me have your passport etc. I looked at her hard in the face and told her, I already gave you everything.

    She denied and told me where, you haven’t handed in anything to me. I told her to search carefully and then I pointed out to the hidden area where she easily pullled out all my documents.

    She then helped me cut the ticket, without even saying sorry.

    That was a valuable experience in my life. Keep good watch of your passport when traveling.

    I do not want to speculate why this happened or imagine what would have happened should I were so stupid to not see what she did. It could be a nightmare experience – a disastrous one for me to be helpless and stranded in Rome.