India vs China: Will India surpass China ?

India vs China: Will India surpass China ?
Courtesy: Phoenix TV
Language: Putonghua (Mandarin)

It is interesting to see Indians speaking so fluent and meticulous Mandarin here. They put many Chinese who cannot speak their mother tongue to shame. Enjoy.



  1. vivek says:

    Feel great to see Indian speaking chinese, I really dont understand a bit. I think I have to go to china to learn chinese.

  2. ycl1688 says:


    I believe the idea is depending on the environment one live in, if you live in China, without speaking the local dialect you cannot even buy food to feed yourself. We were able to speak Indian dialects because we were brought up in India. I used to know a white guy speak fluent Urdu because he was brought up in Pakistan.

    At the end of the day, it is nice to be a bilingual or trilingual person. Definitely Chinese language schools graduated a lot of foreign tongue graduates, my japanese neighbor was surprised to see chinese tour guide speak fluent japanese in China.

    I remember reading former Singaporean prime minister wrote about visiting china is very tricky his cabinet talk different dialects, yet the chinese
    can pick up what they are talking about.

    The whole idea is neighbor should not fight neighbor, as if the chinese people have not suffered enough because ‘ism’, that separate a nation, families, and much more damages have done. it is simply not worth it.

  3. eric says:

    To learn how to speak a foreign language fluently and flawlessly starts with one’s interests. With that in one’s priorty and with a good teacher coupled with alot of practices then you are almost there.

    One needs to be very patient in the beginning stage. As with all languages, the starting hurdles are difficult to pass. If you cannot persevere, then forget about it.

    The Indian good Mandarin speakers in the video are an assistant professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi – Chinese Language Faculty and the others are IT professionals who may have travelled extensively to and from India and China.

  4. simon says:

    I agree with you eric.
    I cant speak hakka very little, in fact i used to speak quite well in my young age, even madandarine and cantonese, due to my professional nature I could not mingle with chinese friend and relative, I have almost forgotten 95% , I can only remember few word like Ni How, How Mo, Hou ma. yes think I need to persevere more to get back my chinese language. I hope I wil travel to china, for a crash course. I have been planning a lot, but my job is not allowing at the moment. I hope I will get time next year.

  5. ycl1688 says:

    Here is another talent. Here’s a real slumdog who should be a
    A street kid in Bombay who sells peacock feathers to
    tourists – in their language!!! French, Italian, German, Arabic, Japanese
    . . .!
    Quite astonishing. Worth a watch.


  6. vivek says:

    how many alphabet do u have in chinese, I heard more than 4 hundred, wonder how true?

  7. stephen says:

    Hi Ycl
    Thanks for sharing the video, The kid is awesome, one can make out he’s outstandingly smart, I dont speak any of the language he spoke to judge he spoke correctly.
    looking at his style and accent he sure look very impressive and convincing.
    Talent like this is wasted in India, Where people with connection are promoted . I sincerely hope this kid does something in life which is fair to him.

  8. alex says:

    Vivek,Unlike English, there is no alphabet in Chinese. Instead, the Chinese language uses a series of symbols, each symbol having its own meaning instead of putting letters together to form words that have meaning. Each symbol stands for a spoken syllable. The Kangxi Dictionary shows 47,035 characters, although many are not commonly used.
    As published in wiki.answers.com

  9. ycl1688 says:


    Definitely chinese characters have been refined for the last 5000 years. The early stages of learning is by recognizing symbols such as water, wood and such elements. It is surely a complex language.

  10. vivek says:

    Hi alex,
    Thanks for the information, memorising 47000 words is a gigantic task, as ycl has mentioned, it is a complex language. No wonder chinese are genius.

  11. ycl1688 says:


    In real life, if you know the basic minimum 5000 chinese characters will be enough.

  12. vivek says:

    Hi Ycl,
    Im very nervous to see such a huge number, maybe 500 to 600 words I can achieve, will that be enough for me to go and have snacks in china or meet a beautiful lady and have a chat. pls help!
    Im planning to visit china.

  13. lee Sen says:

    So vivek, you are finally planning to go to china, All the best. Do share with us you story.

  14. ycl1688 says:

    Hi Vivek,

    If you plan to go to china depends on the places you are visiting. As for knowing the right 400 to 500 words could put you out of trouble, I do not know. Again if you want to chat with a beautiful lady friend, that depends on the mood of her and the way you present yourself as a friend, there are lots of unknowns.
    If you want to buy snacks in china you can simply point to the items you want that will not be a problem. You will not find yourself hungry.
    To make yourself comfortable visiting China, you may not have to learn chinese
    with china opening up, most of the people can speak basic english in large cities.

  15. vivek says:

    Hi ycl, Thanks for the suggestion. You seem to be quite an expert. You must be having a lot of GF. Pleaseeee give me some tips how to impress a beautiful lady. Im very poor in this matters.
    I can point to the item I want, If they treat me like a alien from space and I hope they will not give something else adjacent to what I wanted. I really hope that i wont end up hungry.

  16. lee Sen says:

    Hi vivek, I though you are married with 2 kids. How’s that you are looking for another. Are you planning to have another wife ? Since when did the law in india changed ?

  17. vivek says:

    Sorry about that lee, I dont have to run for anyone else she is beautiful enough. I was just joking, Hope you guys wont take that seriously.

  18. ron says:

    Hi Vivek,

    Knowing that you are a keen fan of Chinese food and specifically “tofu”, when you next visit China passing through Hong Kong, I would recommend you to try “Chau Tofu” (literally Cantonese translation means stinking tofu). This is pure vegetarian food with no meat. In fact, the tofu is cooked right in front of you at your order request of the quantity you would like to eat.

    This delicacy is available in many street corners and street hawker stalls/shops around Mongkok area. Even before you reach the vicinity or hawker shop stalls that sell these goodies, you sure would get the “stinking” aroma from a distance. However, never underestimate the stinks you may smell – it is different from the stink aroma of durian ( a tropical fruit from Thailand and Malaysia, also available widely in Hong Kong). If you should have the guts to ever try both, they can be summarized that they smell like hell but taste like heavin. With that said, try Chau Tofu first as you will definitely be excited after your first bite of how delicious it is.

    Chau Tofu is fermented tofu (specially prepared) deep fried in very hot cooking oil until the outer crusts get light brown and crispy. When added with home-made hot chillie sauce on top, they really taste good and after the first initial bite, I promise that being a tofu lover, you would yearn for more and more…….

    Let me know after your try….I bet you would say it is a good recommendation.

    Bon Appetit.

  19. vivek says:

    Hi ron, Im already drooling, Thanks for the recommendation. I will make sure i wont miss them when i get the opportunity to go to HK. I love the place very much. The place is amazing, im sure the food will be also.

  20. stephen says:

    I have been to Honk Kong few years back and have very fond memory of it. vivek you should also visit mongkok ladies market very close to mongkok railway station. You will love the food and as well go for shopping with your beautiful lady. Its a nice place ron has recommended.
    If you go to the the next station (jordan station) get down there, take a few minutes stroll you will come across the intersection of bowring street and temple street, dont worry vivek you dont have to worship. Just another corner for delicious mouth watering chinese food. you will get amazing hand made noodles, the taste is awesome. just enjoy them and dont forget your wife when you are at it. I miss them so much!
    all the best.

  21. ron says:


    It is in the vicinity of Mongkok Ladies’ Market mentioned above by stephen where you will get the Chau Tofu. Indeed, that area is also a famous shopping centre for the rich, medium-class and the poor alike.

    Within malls housed the world famous trendy brands and in street stalls, all the latest and greatest fashion/goodies for the layman. As with all crowded places, one needs to be careful of pickpockets when jostling in a sea of people, especially within dazzling flash of streets’ neonlights. The place is really worth the visit. Besides electronic goods, it is also the haven for limited editions sports shoes, clothings etc. The main streets are lined up with mega jewellery stores that could make visitors in shock/awe when encountered with large array of flashy branded watches and world-class diamond, jade and other precious stones’ jewellery. For the watches, it is said that the variety of choice on display is even more than their place of original manufacture.

    Jordan Road, close by, is lined up with middle to lower-end Indian Restaurants. One would be amazed with the growth going on. The food is mediocre. Next to Jordan Road is the notorious Temple Street – a “must see” place to visit during the evening. It is a sort of street carvial where a lot of shopping, eating and entertainment happening at the same time – a poorman’s nightclub. One will find Chinese opera street singers, herbalists, fortune tellers, the antique and fashion stalls etc…

    A stone’s throw away is the Jade Market where one would find yourself in a sea of jade products from rings, necklace to pendants……..an unforgettable experience.

    A short distance away is the flowers street. Again, a big surprise to see the streets lined up with florists on both sides. Most of the flowers are imported and you name it, they have it. As this is more of a wholesale area, prices are cheaper than florists in main streets or within shopping malls.

    Then there is the aquarium fish street within walking distance. Again, it is a pleasant experience to see fishes of all shapes, sizes and hues. Another eye-opening experience. Again, all imported from abroad.

    Lstly, the birds street is also close by. Due to the recent avian flu and the like, there are quite some restrictions placed on the birds’ vendors and safety for the visitors. So, you would like to venture, you take the risks.

  22. ycl1688 says:


    With all the recommendations Hong Kong is a very interesting place to visit. So keep an eye on food, another one on shopping bargain, you will not have time to chat with any beautiful lady.

    The residents of Hong Kong usually have 3 meals plus 2 snacks a day. you will find their fridge is stock with cold drinks only because every thing is fresh from the market and most of them eat outside.

    Also worth visiting is nearby Disney attractions, I wonder anyone been there.

  23. ron says:

    Early this year, I visited HK Disneyland. It is the smallest of the five Disney Parks in the world by size, yet I believe it is worth the visit as a day out for a full compact fun, especially for a family with young kids – to enjoy the rides, parades, musical shows and late evening fireworks display etc…..more new attractions are on as the park plans to expand.

    A week or so ago, it was announced that Shanghai will also have a Disneyland built soon – 2011 (?). Watch out…..

    While I have also been to the U.S. Disneyland in Anaheim, Los Angeles and Disney World at Orlando, Florida – one cannot make apple to apple comparison with HK due to vast space availability in the U.S. (the origin of Disney Parks concept) and with other associated theme parks attached to them, like Universal Studios, Epcot Center, Windows of the World etc..

    I recall spending only a day in Disneyland in Anahiem while having fun of about a week in Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The latter was one of the largest theme parks that I visited then where I spent some happy moments reminiscing childhood to enjoy all there’s to offer with fond memories. Coincidentally, the Busch Gardens (lately announced financially in trouble) is just close by and I also spent a day there – which was another good theme park to visit with great shows and incredible hugh catfish alive. Not too far from these parks, I spent yet another day in NASA, the U.S. Space Center where it so happened that there was a space program that day and I could witness the space shuttle launched in its pad ready to take off.

    There are two more Disneylands – one in Paris and other in Tokyo, which I have given both a miss; while only going past their exterior compunds a few times enrouting to other places of interest.

  24. leon says:

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