ICSE and ISC results 2009

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations

The CISCE Result 2009 are expected to be announced on 20th May (Wednesday) 2009. The Council for School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi is expected to declare results ICSE and ISC Examinations on the CISCE website http://www.cise.org/ at 11 a.m.

Students can pre-register on www.cisce.org to get their results through email or SMS. Pre-registration closes at 6 am that day. Email and SMS : http://www.cisce.org/News.aspx


  1. ycl1688 says:

    ICSE state toppers have big dreams

    DURGAPUR/ KOLKATA, 20 MAY: Two students ~ Ankita Mukherjee of Assembly of God Church School (Kolkata) and Purnag Sinha of Garden High School (Durgapur) ~ have topped the ICSE examinations from West Bengal, both having scored 98.6 per cent. Ankita, who wants to become a doctor says she plans to enrol in a CBSE school as she feels that the examination pattern and syllabus followed by the board will help her to perform well in the entrance exams.
    Ankita said: I have always wanted to become a physician. If I become a good doctor I will serve my country rather going abroad. Ankita, who loves mathematics, scored a 100 out of 100 in both mathematics and computer science. Meanwhile, Purnag who put in a only four to five hours of studies regularly aims at becoming an engineer. and loves reading books and listening to music.
    He too has got full marks in both mathematics and computer science. ;SNS

    What an impressive score by an AG student as an ex-student I am proud of your achievement. Way to go. Remember yonder years ago other students and I have put up AG on Track and Field maps, keep up the good work, AG does not stands for ‘American Goondas’, it stands for ‘A Great’ School.

  2. mama says:

    icse marking is not fair.those who were failing in their school exams they got 50 to 60% marks.the average student who were scoring 60 to 70% they got less than the fail students. i will shoot a case against icse when i will become a lawyer. just wait and watch.

  3. ycl1688 says:


    I understand your frustration about the grading of board examiners, if you become a lawyer you represent your client for not passing exam, your chances of making a living might not be that great, since judiciary take years to trial a case, by the time your client might as well retake the exam.

  4. MD AQUIB NESAR says: