Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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  1. Thien says:

    huppy huppy day lol

  2. simon says:

    Happy moon festival to everyone…..
    I was remembering my childhood days, we used to parade in the gully and lane with Lantern in our hand lit with candle, singing moon festival has come forgot the lyric! I was wondering are there children still do it? what fun we used to have. The boil peanut we used to enjoy too and moon cakes, miss those moments. I just came to know today is moon festival because of this posting. Thanks guys!

  3. ycl1688 says:

    once a famous poet wrote about moon festival, you look up on bright moon and down in your mind thinking about native land.

  4. simon says:

    Hi Guys. forgot about the pomoloes, my grandmother will buy the pomoloes on this occasion, i still dont know the significance, i remember the skin is dried and used as mosquito repellent, those days goodnight was not available.