Hakka TV interview Tangra Youth

India, a multi-ethnic coexistence symbiotic country. Calcutta, an ongoing transformation of the city. “Two hundred years of moving boundary” is a multi-ethnic immigration records Calcutta documentaries, live with local ethnic languages with a variety of images to convey immigrants face for each local political, economic, racial, and cultural attitudes and opinions that hold .

“Two hundred years of moving boundary” We see these two hundred years in between, the time constant rotation, are constantly changing social, environmental non-stop progress, early Hakka immigrants come here to start the production of leather as a career However, with the gradual rise of environmental awareness, plant closing and relocation facing a crisis, can not support under the policy, how should they later develop? We thoroughly – had visited – asked to do the deep exploration. “Come,” “go to” people in this city, someone happy in this life, it was also actively pursue outside of their own utopia; a place different from the situation, we set out to fight the image of a figure in the history of Indian immigrants.