Hakka Indian Style Chinese Cuisine

Yet another Famous Hakka Indian Style Chinese Restuarant in foreign land.

Ming Room is a Hakka Chinese Restaurant, whose roots lie in Calcutta, the “City of Joy”, a city of art, kindness and class, on the eastern shores of India. Located north of Streetsville in Mississauga, we are a part of a select group of authentic Hakka restaurants in North America. True to our word, our chefs themselves are second-generation Indian-Chinese.

Literally meaning “a dialect of the peoples of southeastern China,” Hakka cuisine has become synonymous with Indian style Chinese food, at least for the people of sub-continent India. Though the staple food and dishes are from a Chinese platter, what makes the Hakka style unique is the elegant fusion that occurs between Indian and Chinese styles of cuisine. At Ming Room, we strive tirelessly in a bid to attain the perfect balance between sugar and spice, meticulously preparing a host of dishes that capture the tastes and aromas of the Hakka experience.