Grace Ling Liang English School

Grace Ling Liang English School

Nestled in the heart of Tangra, Grace Ling Liang English School was founded by Rev. & Mrs. T.D. Lamb in 1974. It has both ICSE & ISC board.

At one point of time, over 90 per cent of the student body was Chinese. Over the years, as the size of the school has grown and as the Chinese population has dwindled in Calcutta, their share in the school has also shrunk. Now, less than 15 per cent of the total 1,500 hails from that community. But the effect of the school is well felt in the locality.


  1. papi lahiri says:

    Great school

  2. arvind kumar singh says:

    the greatest school in calcutta,with some quality staff from all over india.Being an Ex-student, Mr. M.c Alexander was & will be the greatest principal ever.

  3. Prabin Kumar Singh says:

    One of the best schools in Kolkata. Being today at a respectable post of an MNC
    I feel proud to associate myself to this great institution.

  4. Carlton Huang says:

    Thanks to Rev & Mrs Lamb and many sponsors who help me and many others to get free education, I am forever very grateful for what they did, I am sure hundreds who have been to this school have the same feeling, I know many school in my days refuse or not accepting new students, but this school continues to do so, I seen it from growing from 6 grade, to 7, then to 8, and finally there was no more room for growth in kolkata, they expanded to tangra, and I was the 2 group to have the opportunity to sit in that new school. it not about the best school or not, its about getting kids like me in those days an education, for this I think it is one of the best school in providing free education to countless of kids with serious education and of-course lots of fun during those school day too.

  5. Suddhatma Mukherjee says:

    My second home,I learnt my values here,I learnt to believe in God here.My heart learnt to feel here.Right from its nursery to the 12th standard I was with the institution.I still feel now if I cud live there and participate in the different curriculums of this School.It was like a family at the school.Some teachers were strict,some were lenient……….all they wanted was,how we can be the best in this society.And I really feel now what they wanted.Degrees doesnt define a person,character best defines it.Strong faith in God is the must quality……the best part of the School was in its morning chapel sessions.Wisdom is the greatest gift and teaching of my life that the School offered………..Thank you GLLES.I wud always be there for you.

  6. Mohib Arahman Sidiqui says:

    Great School with great quality.I really miss my school days.I was student of different branch,P 7 Hide Lane. Miss Nur Jahan.Miss D Sen,Mrs David etc. Miss you all

  7. bapi prasad says:

    GLLES at dhapa is the & will b the best school i have ever come across. Today whatever I m is only becoz of my school & I really love my school. Thank you to all my teaching & non teaching staff. THANK YOU for your love , support ,& scolding


  8. bapi prasad says:

    And to all my frends Sital , Surojit , Mihir , Pinky , Priyanka , Kalim
    Jason , Akash , Ranajit , Azhar , Mustakim , & everyone else if I have forgotten anybody’s name then I m sorry I really love you all n really missing you all yaar.


  9. Shubhanan Sinha Ray says:

    I was never a good student, as a matter of fact, I was in all probability the worst in my class, but one one thing which GLLES taught me was discipline which helped me to become a manager in a MNC at very young age…

  10. tanveer md masood says:

    hats off to the teaching staff of this school particularly the english faculty . they were simply fantastic and superb. im really indebted to them . love u grace ling liang

  11. yashfeen adil says:

    i luv my school & will always love it!

  12. kenneth liao says:

    theres this principal who came recently buzzes me offf….hes overstrict!!!sumone do sumthin!

  13. Arnab Sengupta says:

    Really I miss my school. Its great to see so good comments from all the students . I was there From Class 1 to Class 12 where I passed out in 1996 . Its been 15 years since I have left school and still I can feel it to be only yesterday. All the teachers were great and I really love them all. I hope to visit my school this time when I visit India ,

  14. pankaj says:

    An awesome educational institution.

    m.c alexander will be the greatest principal ever

    and other principals if u r still not down with that then we got 2 words for ya…SUCK IT

  15. shobha singh says:

    really its true friends we miss our school.My friends I miss u all verymuch.M.C.ALEXENDER will be the greatest principal ever.SYED KANIZUL FATIMA I MISS U Contact me on 09835846969.I thank my school because of it i m a teacher in one of the best school of BIHAR.

  16. asif says:

    i love my school & m hapy 2 b a part of it,since m a x-stdnt nw bt dan als i luv my school nd hve da same honour in my eyes wch i usd 2 hve befr may b mch mre nwdays aftr leavng da schul.
    proud 2 b an gracian………
    memories atached sme wdh tears na sme wdh smiles…….
    memorable past…….!!

  17. eric says:

    i just love going to tangra china town because my sweet wift jenny stay there !!!!

  18. dhannajay singh says:


  19. hemanshi gupta says:

    I love my skul very much nd it wil be gud always becoz it is my starting point of the future nd my life wil be gud in studying dis skul.

  20. Md. Wasim Ali says:

    My Parents had a dream that all of their 3 sons should be able to speak in English.
    So they had got all three of us admitted 2 this wonderful school. I wasn’t like my 2 elder brothers n i used 2 think different. but as time passed by n wen i started working i realised that the discipline n communication that i learnt has become an asset for a lifetime.
    In my current profession in New Delhi people look upto me n say, “Wasim has n excellent command over English, he is a source of inspiration 4 all of us”
    Even my accent which i have developed while working with the Americans, has helped me make my job a lot easier.

    Maybe now i can say the purpose 4 which my parents blessed me in such a school has finally been served.

    A big thanks goes 2 all d teachers of my School which has made dis possible.

    I love u G.L.L.E.S.
    Miss u all…

  21. ycl1688 says:

    Wasim bhai,

    You have a great parents no doubt it. It is an inspiring story to have grew up in a Christian school surrounding, I know some Moslem school friends have special oratory talent.
    It has been a great pleasure to have grown up in secular India, if
    you ever become a great boss, it is worth carry those christian value with you. The world will be a better place to live.