From Border To Border: Documentary Film on Indian Chinese


Taking place in Calcutta’s Chinatown, From Border to Border recalls the complicated relationship that continues to divide India’s ethnic Chinese and mainstream Indian communities. Supposedly marked by social exclusion and self-segregation, the ethnic Chinese community has remained a mystery despite generations of living in India.

Through a collection of oral narratives, Chung Shefong and her film crew carefully uncover the intriguing yet troubled history of India’s Chinese community. Starting from the Chinese community’s arrival in India in the 1800s, to the effects of the 1962 Sino-Indian border conflict, to their recent mass emigration, From Border to Border puts voices to faces as interviewees retell their histories and describe their experiences living with generational discrimination and alienation, cultural preservation and familial expectations.

Screening of Documentary Film on Indian Chinese “From Border To Border”

VENUE: Mei Guang Xue Xiao – Choon Yee Thong,
19, Meredith Street, Kolkata 700013.

Duration: 108 min
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