Forum Mall – Kolkata

Forum was the first mall experince for Kolkattans. Its on Elgin road.

It houses all the big brands like Shopper’s Stop, Swarovsky, Nik-Nish for lifestyle goods. It also houses a 4-screen multiplex on the top floor by INOX and at the moment it is the most successful venture in India by Inox. Just below the multiplex there is a foodcourt which I like frequenting as it houses all kinds of cuisines under one roof and at very affordable prices.

Moreover it is a good place to hangout with friends. It gets very crowded on weekends.

Location: 10/3 elgin road. kolkata-20

kolkata forum mall


  1. Prasant says:

    This is a nice place to hang out on hoilday……Its been a while i have been there, my last intention to go there for the movie was last saturday, but got cancelled due to something Very Important. Best thing about this mall is located in the Heart of the city.
    Unconfirm news is that they are expanding due to compitition from other malls. That is good news for people like us. I hope they offer big discount also.
    Enjoy kolkatans……

  2. Calvin says:

    Nice to know that this is the first mall experience in Kolkata. I don’t remember where Elgin Road is. If someone has a video clip or picture of “Forum”, please post here. Thanks.
    I left Kolkata in early 70. At that time there were no such things as shopping mall, let alone a department store. There were no TV and the only escalators available then were at the Reserve Bank of India and the Dum Dum International Airport.
    I read that Swarovski entered into India not too long ago. I’ve been a collector of Swarovski Crystals over 25 years and amassed each and every annual edition plus the other introductions, but in recent years discontinued its membership.
    While these sparkling crystals are good to look at, their body parts and joints fixed with glue fall off easily in humid areas when room humidity is high. A lot of time and efforts with care are needed for cleaning them, too.
    I then moved on my collections to other brands with bigger items like Baccarat, Daum and Lalique of French Origins. These are another version of man-made crystals of fine quality cut, shape and figure (with colours) – a dfferent kind from Swarovski. Most are with limited editions worldwide.
    I wonder if Kolkata have Baccarat, Daum and Lalique yet ?

  3. ycl1688 says:


    Kolkata is on the move, no longer like nehru mentioned why do you need 10 different brands of toothpaste, and Indira said half of the indians are going without fresh water, why do they need coca cola. consumerism is the king now. Those old days are gone.

    as for crystal collection, competitors will surely step in, I understand humid weather will do harm to crystal, so does chemical around tanneries in dhapa will prove real gold ornament does not turn colors.

  4. Calvin says:


    You are absolutely right. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    I’ve heard about how 999 gold ornaments need no special gadgets in Tangra to test their purity. If any of them are tainted, faked or mixed with unknown metallic constituents, the ornaments will turn into a faded colour like copper and brass in just a few days of casual wearing.

    With this said, it is also a proof of how contaminated or polluted the air in Tangra is. With all the chemicals mix, the fumes and foul air is not fitting for the human lungs. However, surprisingly, how the Hakka Chinese community survive and thrive is a miracle of its own.