Fire in flury building

Flury’s building at Park street is on fire!! Reports say the fire broke out in an elevator of fifth floor of the building, was a result of an electric fault.

Among the other popular ones are the Cafe Coffee Day, Music World outlet and another famous restaurant, Peter Cat.

Unconfirmed reports say 2 people are dead, 18 injured and many more are still trapped inside. There are hardly any exit routes in these old buildings and people don’t know how to get out.


  1. Bill says:

    Followed this on the Telegraph. What a tragedy. This fire in most countries in the West would be been contained in an hour. The lack of equipment caused most of the deaths. Let’s hope this is a lesson for the Government to be better prepared as more and more high-rises are springing up in the City.

  2. vishal says:

    a tragedy in the city of malls. May those who died in the incident rest in peace.

  3. varun says:

    A repeat of the Burra Bazaar fire not too long ago, but with many casualties and charred bodies…
    Another towering inferno. Who is responsible or to be blamed ?
    Our prayers go the families affected. For those who lost their lives, RIP.