Federick Restaurant

Federick Restaurant

Dine-in, Take-out, Catering

Federick is a hakka chinese restaurant, whose roots lie in Calcutta now known as Kolkata, the “City of Joy“, and is one of the Oldest and the First Indian Hakka Chinese restaurant to open up in Scarborough (Toronto) serving the best Indian Chinese food. Operating for more than 20 years, Federicks continues to earn praise for its consistent and great quality of spicy indian style chinese food.

Popular dishes
Chicken Pakora, Chilli chicken, Fried Rice, Manchurian Chicken, Hot ‘n’ Sour Soup, etc….


Scarborough Location


Telephone: +1 416 439 9234
Street Address:
1920 Ellesmere Rd
Scarborough, ON, M1H 2V6

Mon – Thurs: 11:00 am -10:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am -11:00 pm
Sun & Holidays: 4:00 pm -10:00 pm


Second Location (Markham)

160 New Delhi Drive. (near Markham Road and 14th Avenue)

Mon – Thurs: 11:00 am -10:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am -11:00 pm
Sun & Holidays: 12:00 pm-10:00 pm
Phone: 905-472-1682

E-mail: [email protected]


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  1. ycl1688 says:

    this is a touchy subject on eating habit, I find most of these Chinese Indian fusion food are fried and too salty, in the long run only your body is teflon built, you will survive the different ailments that are associated with these foods. Of course you cannot deny occasion indulge on some street food such as Nizam’s and muslim Ramzan festival where the fried onion, brinjal make your mouth watering.

    ever heard of KFC is taking down the fried theme out, that is the signal.

    Just like smoking and alcohol consumption is dangerous to health.

    Friends, we got one life to live, eat fried and roasted food modestly.

    My teacher says local people in India got used to fried food because they drink unboiled water and sleep on the bare floor. They live longer, how true is that ?

  2. Bill says:

    Nizam brings back wonderful memories of the kathi rolls. Have not been back in Calcutta for years, would love to indulge with some rolls. Moderation in everything is the way to go.
    There are a lot of myths in every culture. I don’t believe unboiled water or sleeping on the floor has any benefit in fighting greasy food. In the US, almost everyone drink water from the tap, or from processed water in a bottle, but NO ONE boils it as most Chinese in Calcutta did. Saturated fat is saturated fat and they build up plague in blood vessels causing blockages. Yes KFC is now tauting grilled chicken for this very reason.
    Another myth, according to the Population Reference Bureau’s data in 2000, the life expectancy in India is 60 to 61 years. That’s not a very good number compared to most of Europe, US and Japan.
    Good eats everyone.

  3. Lu says:

    Dr. Bill
    thank you for sharing the latest updates on food. Nizam does bring back old memories. In the 80’s it was thee place, On any special occasion it was mandatory for the majority of kolkata chinese to have food in Nizam, Kati roll and Biryani was very popular, For me biryani has always amazed me it is thee Item the local chinese always loved, even today it is quite popular among non-vegetarian, there are many shops doing lucrative business by selling Biryani exclusively.
    When ever i drop into any Moglai shop im amazed to see 95% of the customer are having Biryani. It is an irony that Nizam went through a bad weather with the union’s , ever since it closed down it never got back its mystic charm.
    Recently swine flue has become a big issue, UN has declared it pandemic I hope every one is taking precaution, I have stop eating pork completely, even though im not sure it is spread by its consumption.

  4. doll says:

    Tap water in India can’t be compared with the West. It’s generally considered unsafe to drink tap water in India. Kolkata-chinese drink boiled water because boiling is the best way to kill germs in water (according to the US Health Dept). Btw, is “processed” water really healthy?

  5. Lai says:

    The yummy “mouth-watering” Indian food for the taste buds is being flashed back here to the good old memories of Calcutta.

    When, as a teen student with pocket-money contraints, how I loved to patronize not only the Indian restaurants food at Nizam’s (near New Market), Sabir (Princep Street), Madras (Ganesh Chandra Avenue) and a Moughlai restaurant (forgot the name) across the road close to Elite Cinema, but also the street stalls and street vendors’ food around town. In those days, the Indian restaurants in Park Street were out of reach.

    Just to name a few goodies were Kathi Rolls, Biryani; and street stalls food like Singhara (Samosa), Pushkha (Pani Puri), Jhal Moori (Bhel Poori), Masala Dosai, Kheer etc…Oh yes, the Ramzan Muslim food. Also missed some of the tropical fruits like Omra (somehow found this in Singapore Jusco Dept Store fruit stall by the name of Dong Dong), Emlee (tamarind) found this cheap & plentiful in Thailand; and Mangoes (good but different from Indian in Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia). Loved the fresh green mango juice in Manila, Philippines served in restaurants and wondered why they never have this “made in Heaven juice” in Calcutta where Kutchu Amm is so plentiful ? I love mango lassi…….

    When doing Professional studies in U.K, I loved visiting Indian food stalls when there were in price war competition slashing prices of imported famous Indian mangoes to the delight of a poor student like me to buy bulk in boxes.

    While I’ve never been back to Calcutta since I left in early 70’s, I still like savouring Indian food whenever possible at every place I visit during business or pleasure trips. Funnily, on a few prior trips, the first place that I went to, upon arrival at the airports in Taipei & Shanghai, were Indian Restaurant called “Tandoor” – they even have storage place for my suitcase. Tandoor seems to be a good name for Indian restaurant when I also patronized restaurants by the same name in Hong Kong, Penang (Malaysia), Singapore, San Francisco, London and Tokyo.

    (While dining in Taipei’s Tandoor, I believe three Indian Chinese Hakka lads sat next to our table because I overheard them talking in Hindi)

  6. ycl1688 says:


    Why did you become a Muslim overnight, it is not the pork I believe. you cannot blame the pig.


    Armenai is the Moughlai restaurant you forgot.

    To all others,

    It is the original kati roll-Nizam you cannot beat nor can be copied. I believe in Biriyani the amount of Saffron threads that give you the unique taste, saffron is grown in very limited places such as Kashmir, Iran and Spain.

    Anyways as the saying goes in Chinese ‘Food leaves a place become expensive and
    human leaves a native place become cheap’.

    I believe it is time for the administrator to introduce puchka walla such as the great Kamlash in calcutta chinna para.

  7. Lai says:

    I heard that Kamlash puchka is still “the best” in Calcutta. I came across some blogs from foreign visitors/tourists (non Indian Chinese) introducing Kamlash puchka is a MUST try when visiting Calcutta old Chinatown.

    In an annual Indian Chinese meet (reunion) in Toronto sometime ago, organizers had flown in Kamlash to make puchkas for the Indian Chinese community there. So one can imagine the yearning of puchka by the crowds there who have definitely not forgotten what puchka tastes like.

    Someone told me that Kamlash puchka stall is now run by Kamlash grandson (not the Senior Kamlash that we once known). Also, the puchka stall had also moved somewhere else from its original site – which once was in a shabby canvass tent around Central Avenue.

    Interestingly, puchka is so popular and likened by those Indian Chinese who grew up in Calcutta for obvious reasons. My cousins (Indian Chinese formerly from old Chinatown) now based in Vancouver nearly 40 years had taken a trip to Calcutta a few years ago just to learn how to make Kathi Rolls ( paratha, kababs ) and puchka in their original form and recipe. On a few occasions when I visited the family there, it was a great feast with these goodies well prepared and offered, especially for me after a tired one day sightseeing trip to Victoria Island. One of the other dishes, lamb curry, was cooked with fresh lamb meat from the hills around Vancouver. It was really mouth-watering……..

  8. Lu says:

    I don’t intend to become a muslim, not even in my next life; For your kind information the pig must be celebrating and having thanks giving prayer to who ever mad scientist invented this flu, many of their kind are spared from slaughtering.
    The mouglai restaurant is Amenia (near Elite Cinema)even ycl don’t remember properly. You guys need an update tour of kolkata. be my guest if you need me just pay for the food bill. I have shifted from kolkata to mumbai few years back. I heard mannu’s restaurant in tiretti bazaar has been closed down can anyone confirm that. Its sad for those who need food after 10 pm. That was a life saver.
    I always wanted to convert into veg since I have quite a lot of beautiful veggi marwarri fren here, but thinking of so many tasty mouth watering chinese dishes couldn’t do it. I think no One can resist chinese food .
    There is a myth that veggi are weeker than non-veggi. Can anyone explain Y elephant are the largest and the strongest animal, they only eat leaf i GUESS.
    By the way I love this site. Thank you who ever behind this at least I feel close to home. Sometime you can feel you are badly lost in the new place.

  9. Patricia says:

    Hello there !

    I am looking for a person name called Thomas Wong who once lived near the Naaz cinema they had a shoe shop heard they whole family migrated to Austria and then from Austria to Germany. If anybody knows his whereabouts would be appreciated. I have been looking for Thomas Wong for almost 20yrs.

    Thanks to my life saver !

    email me at [email protected]

    God Bless !

  10. ycl1688 says:


    By any chance do you know this person you are looking for is ‘3 slash wong’
    or ‘big belly wong’ if you know what i mean in Chinese. That may narrow down your search, even better if you can provide the real chinese name for this person.

  11. simon says:

    Hi patsy, ycl crtainly suggesting a brilliant way to find the person, it has worked for me many times.

  12. ycl1688 says:

    From time to time someone needs to contact their long lost friends or classmates, at DHAPA FORUM (our network section at right) you will find a place to contact.

  13. vivek says:

    Hi guys,
    Here some link i have discovered.
    I was there some years back, I was very regularly at STC (Scarborough Town Centre) a mall not far from this place. In fact i have visited the place to send a parcel to india through UPS, which was just next to Fedricks restaurant, there was also Terry,s bar and restaurant adjacent to this restaurant. I wish i had visited the place then.

  14. ycl1688 says:

    Yes, Toronto one of the great places to visit, I have more Kolkatans in Toronto than anywhere, once I saw my sunday school teacher walking along the busy chinatown market. The STC is one of the biggest malls in toronto. Watch the sidebar on Toronto chinatown, one of the best barbque places there.