Ekta Floral Kolkata Christopher Road

Ekta Floral is one of the popular Residential Developments in Cristopher Road neighborhood of Kolkata. It is among the well known Projects of its class. The landscape is beautiful with spacious 5 Blocks Houses.

Created on 5 acres of land, Floral is housed in 5 blocks ~ 4 towers of 14 storey’s and 1 tower of 12 stroreys, Floral is a 412 flat complex with 79% open area conveniently located at 27, Cristopher Road, Kolkata, where water and earth elements create a blissing living.


  1. vivek says:

    It is indeed a very beautiful project, I have been there one and a half year ago many times but due to financial problem I couldnt book a flat then the price was 2600/sqft now it has gone above Rs. 4000 and I cant get a preferred location regrettably. Now im Luking for a more centrally located project.

  2. Abhishek says:

    It is indeed a beautiful complex and more importantly can connect you to the maincity in just 10 mins. I just pray that the beauty of this place does not wash out with time and remain a landmark all through out. The price when I had booked was Rs 2600/- and not it is Rs 4,000/- according to the Government plan and market rate is around Rs 4, 200/-