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Eau Chew Restaurant | Dhapa

Eau Chew Restaurant

Eau chew restaurant is at 12 Ganesh Chandra Avenue in the hub of the commercial part of Kolkata. Not far from the famed Bentick Street above a petrol pump is this 85 year old restaurant legend. It is run by the Huang family; Joseph, his wife Josephine and his children- Jennifer and Joel. Mr. Huang also has a daughter Joanna who is now married and settled in Canada. Eau Chew has some great Chinese food and is not your run of the mill Indian Hakka Cuisine. There have been several write up in newspapers and magazines about Eau Chew Restaurant.

To book your next special Chinese dinner call 011-9133-223-78260 and be taken to a whole new world of Chinese Cuisine with the personalized services of the Huang Family.


  1. Bill says:

    This brings back wonderful memories. I used to go Eau Chew just for the Hakka chow mien. Yum.


  2. Joanna Lim says:

    Hi! Bill,
    Good to know that you have been to Eau Chew Restaurant. How long ago was that? Please e-mail me I ‘d love to chat up with you. Joanna_mn_lim@yahoo.ca

  3. Bill says:

    Hi Joanna,

    I left Calcutta in 1964, first to Taiwan and now have been in California for over 30 years. I lived close by to Eau Chew and whenever I could, would order food from Eau Chew to take home, although I have eaten there occasionally. Haven’t been back since the early ’80s. So I’m very happy to find this site and keep up with what’s happening in Calcutta.

  4. Joanna Lim says:

    It is always good to hear people talk about the restaurant back from the days. Eau Chew has been in my family for about 78 years now. My great grandmother started it and now my parents and younger brother are running it. Therefore the interest when I read your post.

    Where did you live?

  5. Violet says:

    It’s nostalgic to read about these old chinese restaurants. I remember going to several parties and receptions held at this restaurant, and all the kiddies would play in the small courtyard thing just outside the restaurant.

    Anyways, Robert, are you writing from America or something. I noticed you provided phone numbers starting with 011. If you should go back to Calcutta to visit, one of my fav. chinese restaurants is Jimmy’s Kitchen and Kim Fa. I believe they are still owned by the original families that started the restaurants.

  6. Joanna Lim says:

    Hi Violet,

    I am in Canada. I am married to Joanna. I know what little courtyard thing that you are talking about. Eau Chew was and is still famous for doing the parties and reception banquets.
    I do know that Jimmy’s Kitchen and Kim Fa are still owned ny the original families so is Eau Chew. It the oldest Chinese restaurant in Calcutta with a history spanning 75 years.
    Where are you from?

  7. Violet says:

    I am living in California, but I grew up in Calcutta. I haven’t been back to Calcutta for a few years, so, I was pleased to come across this website that helps to keep me updated on events happening in Tangra and around Chinapara in Bowbazaar.

  8. terence says:

    i’ve returned to cal after ages and was devastated to find so many chinese have left and gone…the grub in most chinese joints now taste more bengali/ indian/

    Does anyone know of any authentic family run place in tangra/ bowbazar which still serves pork and real cantonese style grub – i’m dying for it….thank god Eau Chew is still there in Central Cal

    1. leon says:

      welcome back to cal 😉 if u go to tangra i can recommend you to go to Kim fa and ask the waiter to tell the boss to prepare special ones that are not in menu or if you want to have pork look for a guy name “ah yung” the food is good there.

  9. leon says:

    get a cab and ask the driver to take you to “Tangra/Dhapa ChinaTown/Cheenapara” near EM Bypass/Topsia…

    ah yung might be a little hard for u to find you can as well go to big boss restaurant for special foods that are not in menu.

  10. Joanna Lim says:

    Hi! Terence,

    Welcome back to Calcutta. Did you go to Eau Chew? I hope you did and I am sure the experience was pleasant. The Restaurant has lot of special off the menu stuff too. Just ask for Joel or Josephine and let them know what you want and they will do their best to get it for you.
    Do keep in touch and let me know if everything was satisfactory.

  11. James Wang says:

    This is very interesting. I lived on Ganesh Chandra Avenue myself and we used to go to Eau Chew for parties and carry out. I remember the winding staircase. Left in 1977 but went back in 2000. My father was the principal of Moi Kwong and my grandfather started the school in the 40’s. Anyone out there know us?

  12. rolls says:

    I remember the spiral stairs and the living quarters upstairs. The weddings were fun. That was 32 years ago! I went back 9 years ago but was quite disoriented.

  13. ycl1688 says:

    To james wang,

    I was a graduate of Mei Kuang chinese school, not that I know of a wang
    principal, i know liu was my principal in 60’s

    maybe you spell your real chinese name i could remember you.

  14. ycl1688 says:

    Eau chew known for its large fish ball, which is unique, it brings back lots of memory, whenever there is ching ming chinese tradition going to honor their ancestors resting place and we come back to this restaurant
    for feast, that is where good taste had by everyone.

  15. james wang says:

    ycli688, my father is Wang yin min. Is the Chinese language paper still there because he was the editor there at some point too.

  16. ycl1688 says:

    yes, i remember you father, he is a good teacher and chinese brush writer. as for chinese language paper closed down in 2002.

  17. Patsy Liao says:

    Food is great !

  18. Vivek says:

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me what i should order that are not in the menu, i want to have authentic stuff (No Pork) actually im a veg but chicken and fish is fine oh love the prawn also. Thanx.

  19. Ycl1688 says:


    Glad to know you are one of the ‘reformed’ Gujaratis that is not 100 % vegetarian,
    as for eating at the restaurant best bet will be go on a busy sunday and see if there are chinese family around your table, see what they order or get some chinese
    friends to accompany you, obviously you got to pick up their tab. I know certain Gujaratis will not eat onions and garlic, is that true ?

  20. vivek says:

    Yes ycl it is very true, that is exactly the reason in m here. Thanx for the tip.

  21. Dr Lim Ju Boo says:

    You may not know me, but I was one of the very regular customers at Eau Chew. It is so good to be able to get in touch with Eau Chew Restaurant once again after nearly half a century. Thanks to the Internet, else this can never be possible with the postal snail mail, and no access to outside information.

    You see, I was a student there from Malaysia in Calcutta in the early 1960s and my friends from Malaysia used to go to Eau Chew Restaurant for Chinese food usually for dinner. It was very often we patronize Eau Chew whenever we were sick of eating Bengali food.

    Being a Chinese myself, albeit from Malaysia, I missed Chinese food when I was there although I love south Indian curries very much, but not northern Indian curries. Luckily Kolkata (Calcutta as it was called then) had a sizeable Chinese population mainly in the leather industry, around Tangra, and I was quite comfortable with the local Chinese there, making many Chinese friends there.

    If I am not mistaken, Eau Chew was in a street, or near a street called Mission Row back then in the 1960s, which is now changed to Ganesh Chandra Avenue. In fact one Mr. James Wang whom I know when he was a little child has written a comment inside your guest book, and I was surprised to see his name there. He is now in the United States, married to a Taiwanese girl, and he is doing very well there as an engineer, a lawyer, a business and a politician combined. What a small world! I also knew his father Mr. Wang Yin Min, who was the Editor of a Chinese newspaper there. I know his very hospitable mother and we as students used to go to their house to enjoy her Hakka cooking. She and her children are all in the United States now, and off and on I do exchange e-mails with them.

    I specially love Eau Chew prawn fried rice because the prawns served there were very big and plenty inside the fried rice. I always tell friends here about this. There were many other dishes we usually ordered and shared among ourselves, but I cant really remember the dishes now as it is so long ago.

    I have a good friend by the name of Prof Dr MP Deva also from Malaysia who also studied in Calcutta, and even today wherever we recall the good old days in Calcutta, we always mention Eau Chew. He is now a Senior Psychiatrist. In fact Prof Deva revisited Calcutta some years back, and brought back a menu from Eau Chew for me. But I do not know where I place it now. Maybe you should post your menu on your website with the prices on it, or e-mail me a copy for remembrance. I would love to look at the menu once again.

    Maybe you should also e-mail me about your family history of running that restaurant, and the names and whereabouts are the children who were there. I would like to hear from you, and Chinese families living in Calcutta, but I understand many of them have migrated overseas Canada, US, UK, and Australia for brighter future.

    I love to go back to Calcutta for a revisit, and if I do, I certainly would visit Eau Chew once again to walk down memory lane, have a good meal there, and have a good chat with the owners and his family.

    Has Calcutta changed a lot? It was a terribly dirty and inefficient city, from public transport to getting things done when I was there. Everyone there all seemed lazy, sleepy and indifferent. Most countries, even in Asia have gone by leaps and bounce, and are now very clean and neat with very modern cities, but with Calcutta I am not sure even now, half a century later? I hope things have changed for the better with India now rising up economically.


    Lim Ju Boo

  22. Deva says:

    Really very glad to see that Eu Chew, spiral staircase and all is still there I was one of the large Malaysian 1959-1972 crowd that was in Cal then and a number of us including Larry, J Lal, Mehta, Sushil and Selva and others frequented Eu Chew when we could. Greatest food in Calcutta then. Went back a few times after I left Cal 41 years ago

    I heard of Mr Eu Chew the Grandpa migrating to Canada on my 1995 visit. Would love to catch up with the Eu Chew clan as I occassionally go to YYZ. Could any one help ?
    M P Deva

  23. ycl1688 says:

    To our malaysian friends,

    if you are interested in contacting the Eau chew family, one glimpse of hope is refer to #2 on this post, that person is one of the family members.

    As for the restaurant itself it was mentioned in the Ny times article

  24. simon says:

    Hi Deva, I too occassionally used to go to YYZ, it is good place provided that, we go there on certain time, but due to boredom when i dont have anything else to do, i go there, if i go there in odd hrs it’s not fun, since i dont have much to do, i naturally go there, but not always.
    Wonder how kolkata is now ? it was amazing than. been a long time i was there. Heard it developed.

  25. Jennifer Huang says:

    Ref to Posts # 23 & 24

    Yes you can still get in touch with the Eau Chew Clam – Now run by Joseph and Josephine Huang and their son Joel Huang – who is the 4th generation of the original Huang family who started Eau Chew.

    The address is now 12 Ganesh Chandra Avenue and the phone no. is +91-33-22378260.

    Do seek out Joel or his parents and mention this site – you will still be able to find the personal touch in service.!

  26. SAMUEL HU says:

    Eau Chew (KOLKATA) had the best MEAT AND FISH BALL soup (CHEWYAN) at one time….dont know if those BALLS are still alive and cooking….

  27. JOANNA LIM says:

    Hi! Samuel,

    The Fish and Meat Balls that you write about are very much alive and cooking. The person making them and is famous for them is dad and he still doe sit the old fashioned way; like all those years ago. Eau Chew is still vey very famous for their soup. If ever in Calutta you should take a walk down memory lane and go visit Eau Chew and have a bowl of soup. Do remember to pre order the Fish Balls as they are now a special item and is not on our al carte menu.

    Please post here if you do visit EAU CHEW………..HAPPY EATING!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Dr Lim Ju Boo Malaysia says:

    Old friends in Calcutta may contact me at my blog for articles below:


    Lim ju boo science health nutrition medical articles

  29. Chitralekha Basu says:

    There’s a buzz that Eau Chew is under threat from realtors. Is this true? I would be heartbroken if it’s demolished.
    I live in Beijing now. But memories of the wholesome soup served at Eau Chew on a mild winter afternoon — and its inevitable associations with college romance and sneaking away from office for extended lunch breaks — are much cherished.
    I hope it doesn’t have to go.

  30. Sumit Surai says:

    Dr Lim Ju Boo,
    It was great to read your comment. Thanks for sharing things from the past. I just love the food at Eau Chew and also wrote a post on my blog about our visit there. Would love to have your views on it.

    Joanna Lim,
    Hi. Great to know that you are from the family who run such a lovely place called Eau Chew. Would love to learn more about the history from you. I have tried to write a blog post on Eau Chew. Would very much like your view on it.

    My blog post –
    Eau Chew Chimney Soup And Some Awesome Authentic Chinese Food