Dhapa Dumping ground to be shut by 2010

Dhapa used to be famous for Dumping ground but with recent years of development of ITC Sonar Bangla, 5 Stars Hotel & Silver Spring in this area, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has decided to close down a part of the Dhapa Dumping ground by April 2010 for remediation. Around 8.5 hectares of the 35-hectare Dhapa Dumping ground will be closed, civic officials said.

“The present dumping ground at Dhapa has become saturated and we will be closing it down soon. We have already identified an alternate site beside the main dumping ground and will start using it soon,” mayor Mr Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharyya said.

Civic officials pointed out that at present garbage is dumped in two mounts at the Dhapa Dumping Ground. At least 340 garbage dumpers carrying over 3,300 metric tonnes of solid waste is dumped at Dhapa everyday. This has created immense pressure on the city’s only dumping ground. Compounding the problem is the fact that an alternate dumping ground in Cossipore belonging to the Baranagar Municipality is no longer available to KMC since the year 2000.

Moreover, discharge of methane gas and has also been considered as a major problem in the dumping ground. As a result, there was an immediate need for remediation, officials said. Plans for remediation of the dumping grounds has been sanctioned under a project funded jointly by the Central Government and the World Bank.

The remediation of the Dhapa Dumping grounds has been sanctioned as a part of a Rs 110 crore project. Under the project, eight dumping grounds of Hooghly and one of Kolkata will be remediated.

The state environment department will execute the project, civic officials said. As per initial terms, the World Bank will provide 80 per cent of the funds while the Centre will fund the remaining 20 per cent. Meanwhile, the civic body has already acquired 105 cottahs of land from the farmers resettled in the area at a cost of over Rs 15 crore. The new land acquired from the farmers will be used for dumping solid waste accumulated from different parts of the city, civic officials said. ; SNS


  1. binoy says:

    The Dhapa Dumping Ground is very famous abroad, especially in the U.S., where the living tragedy in Kolkata is being exposed.

    The vivid inhumane pictures of thousands of street dwellers – mainly small urchins combing the mounts of trash looking for any tit-bits of leftovers are pitiful sights that tear people’s hearts to bring them down to tears.

    The key issue here is not to move these Dumping Grounds elsewhere to make way for grand apartments or luxurious 5-star hotels, but how to keep these poor Indian children away from the dumps which excrete poisonous gas and disease-filled disposals including used medical needles, toxic chemical waste etc.

    Dumping grounds are not commercial enterprises and children of any age should be barred from entering them; let alone scavenging in them and being exploited by ruthless black society members.

    A classic example of such tragedy is revealed in the Oscar Winning movie: Slumdog Millionaire.

    Very SAD.

  2. Cookie says:

    The Dhapa Dumping Ground is a major tourist attraction place in Kolkata for tourists abroad.

    This was so – even before the famous Mumbai slums that shot to fame from Slumdog Millionaire Oscar Winning movie.

    When worldwide tourists visit Kolkata for sightseeing and volunteers to work in Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity’s ashrams & homes, they often take a trip to visit these large mounds of trash dotted with street children, stray dogs and cows moving around looking for food and leftovers.

    Pictures of the Dhapa Dumping Ground are easily found in the internet.

  3. Howard says:

    The Dhapa dumping ground, oh yes I was there watching the trains pulled in loads of solid wastes around everyday during the early 60’s. Need me to say more ?

  4. jytiranjan swain says:

    dhapa is my birth place.