Dal Chini Restaurant- Hakka Chinese Cuisine

Dalchini Restaurant, London’s pioneering restaurant serving Hakka Chinese cuisine, is simple yet smart. Indians and travellers to the subcontinent are familiar with this cuisine. To most it is comfort food when they miss India. The Hakka restaurant cuisine is a wonderful marriage of oriental techniques with Indian ingredients.


147 Arthur Road, Wimbledon Park, London SW19 8AB


  1. Indranil says:

    Is this restaurant owned by Indian Chinese ?

    I wonder how good or close are the dishes of food compared with Tangra.

    Anyone knows?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Yes i know this restaurant is good for the Hakka Cuisnes in London but then the standards are not up to the mark.I am saying in regards to the management, the service is good but then the food taste too much of Mono-sodium Glutamate. (MSG)

    It is nothing in comparison to Tangra food, the price is too high for the portion they serve.. Tangra food is going to be the perfect blend of indian ingredients with chinese culinary technique.

    Yes the restaurant is own by an indian chinese, as far as i got the information from the waiters there . The people who serve are Indian and Its more like ur in an Indian Restaurant. Rather then finding any indian CHINESE from tangra where you can share ur exprience or build a conversation on the cuisine and TANGRA as a whole.

  3. Ycl1688 says:

    definetely there is none can compare to the original in tangra, if it is
    70 per cent close enough is okay.
    MSG Has been known for years as a chinese food syndome
    you can always request the cook to avoid putting in your order.
    The next solution would be to take the first plane out to Kolkata and
    taste the original. what else can you do ?