Cleaning Kolkata


Cleaning Kolkata – Through Community Action.

A Join hand community service project by Ahmadiyya, Bohra Muslim, Chinese, Christian, Jain, Jewish, Khoja, Parsi, Pathan, Sikh and others.


Volunteers from different minority groups in kolkata working together with the same vision – Cleaner Kolkata !!

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  1. Mark says:

    Cleaning Kolkata is every Kolkatan’s duty. It should be done not only during a designated period of time rather than an every day effort by all individuals as its responsible citizens. No one is exempted on this.

    The above is an exemplary example of good cause – to see the Kolkata community joining hands in action – all with one goal and objective, i.e. to make Kolkata a clean city.

    Great to see the Chinese community is participation.

    Let’s check out the city after November 2, 2009.

  2. vivek says:

    Yes indeed it is great to see, everyone is coming together for a change for the better. I sincerely hope and will put in all effort when i get the chance to make my share of contribution. Keep up the good works folks.
    Great to see chinese taking part in the cause.
    Applaud to every one and the chinese community for coming forward, this will build the sense of belonging to the city of JOY.

  3. leon says:

    Around 45 volunteers from the Chinese, Sikh, Jewish, Khoja, Ahmadiyya and Dawoodi Bohra Muslim communities in the city came together on Sunday morning to clean the stretch between Park Street Metro station and a park adjacent to the Maidan Metro station. After clearing the weeds at the park, the clean Calcutta crusaders removed hyacinths from a tank next to Maidan Metro station with help from CMC workers, who arrived with a payloader.


  4. richard says:

    Great work guys!
    Keep up the good work. Make us feel proud.

  5. Anindita says:

    I am so happy to see this. I sooo wish I could help in this some way. Keep it up 🙂

  6. leon says:

    “Kolkata’s citizens decide not to wait for the government and do it themselves.”