Chinese seek China-India 1962 war memorial

People from the Indian Chinese community who were deported and harassed during the 1962 Indo-Sino war have asked the Centre for land at Deoli in Rajasthan to build a monument. Sandstone-rich Deoli is a town in Tonk district, 160 km south of Rajasthan capital Jaipur. More than 3,000 ethnic

Chinese, many of them living in Assam at that time and suspected to be close to Beijing, were taken to the Deoli Internment Camp after the 1962 Sino-Indian War — but subsequently forgotten by both countries.

The Association of India Deoli Camp Internees wants the monument as “an acknowledgement of the persecution of the ethnic Chinese” 48 years ago. And as a reminder of “our loss of freedom”.

“The Indian government cannot heal the wounds of the Indian Chinese who lost their homes and kin and were forced to be scattered across the world after the 1962 war,” Assamese novelist-activist Rita Choudhury said. “It can at least honour those who lost their lives in the internment camp.

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is yet to respond to the association’s letter.

A positive gesture, added the novelist who initiated the move, would go a long way in improving India’s image vis-a-vis the minorities.

Shared by Eugene Tam: Please view the link and lend support to Ms. Rita Chowdhury who is doing a lot  for the Indian chinese community and it is because of her novel, that today there is an awareness among the people about the injustice the chinese community had to face post the 1962 war.

source: Hindustan Times

Author: Rahul Karmakar, Hindustan Times

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  1. ycl1688 says:

    It is time for the victims to be vindicated. Yes, it has been nearly 39 years and counting. It is time for the administration to wake up to the reality and
    act up.

  2. J says:

    My grandfather was one of the unfortunate who passed away in the Deoli Camp; leaving my grandmother to raise 6 children on her own. They had done nothing wrong and had hurt no one, they had everything taken away and were treated wronfully. To this day my father lives with the pain. The hardship, pain and suffering they went through will never be forgotten and a simple honest apology from the Indian Government is not too much to ask.